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Ayyappa Temple, Sabarimala: Know the Religious Belief and Significance

Ayyappa Temple, Sabarimala: Know the Religious Belief and Significance

Ayyappa Temple, Sabarimala

Sabarimala temple i.e. Sri Ayyappa temple is in Patanamitta district of Kerala state. It's considered to be one of many oldest temples. According to South mythology, Lord Ayyappa is considered to be the son of Lord Shiva and Mohini (the type of Lord Vishnu).

Whose title is also Hariharputra. It's stated that Lord Parasurama himself was established in this temple and this description is also found in 'Ramayana'. It's stated that the construction work of this temple was completed in the company of Lord Vishwakarma. Later, Parashurama established God here on the day of Makar Sankranti. People of all religions together with Hindu, Muslim and Christian come here to go to.

Process of Darshan in this temple

1- This temple opens for devotees from November to January only. For the rest of the month it's kept closed.
2- Devotees bathe in Pampa Triveni and light a lamp and flow it into the river. Only after this, one has to go to Sabarimalai
3- Pampa worships Ganapati ji on Triveni. Only then begin climbing. The first cease is a spot called Shabari Peetham. It's said that Bhilani named Shabari did penance right here during the Ramayana period. Shabri was liberated only after the incarnation of Sri Ayyappa.
4- Next to it comes a place named Sharanamkutty. Devotees come right here for the first time to shar.
5- After this there are two routes to go to the temple. One common path and the other via eighteen holy stairs. Only those who fast for the first 41 days after coming to the temple can go through these sacred stairs to the temple.
6- Eighteen devotees break coconut filled with ghee near the holy stairs. There is a Havan Kund close to it. A piece of coconut, which is brought for abominations, can also be put in this havan kund and a portion is taken as a Prasad of God to the people.
7- A famous part of the worship of God in the Shabarimalai temple is the consecration of ghee. The ghee brought by the devotees is first gathered in a special vessel, then the ghee is anointed by God.

How is Shabarimala temple complex

The temple of Sri Ayyappa Swamy is the main one in the Shabarimalai temple complicated, in front of which there are eighteen steps consecrated.

On the upper surface is the statue of Kannamayal Ganapati and Nagaraja. On the lower surface is the statue of a Muslim saint Babur Swami, a devotee of Lord Ayyappa, and Kurup Swamy.

The temple complex has sculptures of Nagaraja and Nagayaksha towards the north. Snakes are sung here to have children.

There are tough rules to visit the temple

1- It's necessary for devotees to observe Brahmacharya for forty-one days earlier than coming here, free from all temporal shackles.
2- In these days, they have to put on blue or black clothes only.
3- A necklace of Tulsi is to be placed across the neck and easy food is to be eaten only once in a day.
4- In the night worship must be done and one has to sleep on the ground.
5- On the completion of this fast, one has to worship below the guidance of Guru Swami.
6- During the temple visit they have to put Irumudi on the head i.e. two bags and one bag.

One contains coconut and pooja stuffed with ghee and the opposite contains meals stuff. Taking this, they also have to do the circumambulation of Shabri Peeth, then go and enter the temple via eighteen steps.

Ayyappa Swami is considered Brahmachari

In Kerala, a middle path was established due to the growing disharmony between Shaivites and Vaishnavas. In which Ayyappa Swamy's Sabarimala temple was built. People of all creeds may attend it.

According to Southern perception, Lord Ayyappa Swamy is considered to be Brahmachari, due to which the entry of girls within the temple who could be menstruating was forbidden.

Ayyappa Temple, Sabarimala History

A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court couldn't pass a review petition filed against the entry of women into the Sabarimala temple. Now the matter has been referred to a bench of seven judges.

Allow us to tell you that this temple is considered to be about 800 years old and the controversy over the entry of women in it's also decades old. It's believed that Lord Ayyappa is considered to be eternal brahmachari. Due to which women of 10 to 50 years are forbidden to come to this temple.

One has to prepare 41 days in advance to see Lord Ayyappa. This process is known as Mandal Vratam. It's mandatory to have Pallikettu on the head whereas going to visit the temple. Pallikettu is a small jaanluma cloth that contains choices of jaggery, coconut and rice and many others.

 Numerous people come right here to visit every day. The temple is situated at a distance of 175 km from Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram. Which is situated at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea degree.

It's thought of to be the second largest pilgrimage on the earth, the place crores of devotees come to go to yearly. According to religious legend, during the churning of the ocean, Bholenath was fascinated by the saintly type of Lord Vishnu and due to this impact a child was born. They had been followed by King Rajasekhara for 12 years.

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