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Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar

A huge and beautiful temple of Lord Swaminarayan, built-in Sector 20 of Gandhinagar, the capital of the state of Gujarat, has come within the western direction of India. Which is known from Akshardham Temple

The temple has been constructed by the inspiration of Yogiji Maharaj (1892–1971), the fourth spiritual successor of the Swaminarayan sect.

The construction work of this temple was accomplished by Swami Maharaj (1921-2016), the fifth nonsecular heir of the Swaminarayan sect, which was accomplished in 13 years.

This Akshardham temple is a tribute to the life and teachings of Lord Swaminarayan. BAPS followers worship Sri Swaminarayan as God. So let us know in detail about this huge and unique temple of Lord Swaminarayan.

Akshardham Gandhinagar Architecture

  • The Akshardham Temple is built in the center of a 23-acre campus.
  • About 6000 metric tons of pink sandstone have been introduced from Rajasthan to build this temple.
  • Akshardham Temple is 108 ft in length, 240 ft in length, 131 ft in width.
  • And this temple consists of 97 carved columns, 17 domes, 8 balconies, 220 stone beams, 264 sculptures. According to Vedic architecture, steel or iron has not been used anywhere within the Akshardham temple.
  • Weighing around 5 tonnes and 20-foot tall stone beams have been used in the construction of the Akshardham temple.

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar

  • The main temple, built in the middle of the entire temple complex, has a complete of three levels. Sanctuary, first floor and cellar.
  • Sanctum: In the center of the temple, which is also called the central chamber, there's a 1.2 ft sacred statue of seven feet high Sri Swaminarayan covered with gold.
  • Which is worshiped by the followers as God. This idol of Lord Swaminarayan is overwhelmed by the mantras of both Akshabrahma Gunatitananda Swami and Aksharmukt Gopalananda Swami, the idol of Shri Swaminarayan.
  • Marble statues of the successors of Sri Swaminarayan are installed by BAPS in the 4 corners of the temple.
  • First Floor: The first floor of the temple is called Vibhuti Mandapam. Where the spiritual character of Lord Swaminarayan is very beautifully described.
  • Basement: The basement of the temple is known as Prasadi Mandapam. Where a show of the sacred relics of the life of Lord Swaminarayan has been made.

Akshardham Mandir Gandhinagar timing

Temple Darshan Timings: Tuesday to Sunday: 9:30 Am - 7:30 Pm
Aarti Timings: 10 Am & 6:30 Pm
Note: The temple  remains closed on Mondays.

Abhishek Mandapam 

An Abhishek Mandapam has been built within the temple premises where the yogic type of Sri Swaminarayan (also called Neelkanth Varni) is installed. Where the devotees can do the consecration on Neelkanth Varni.

The idol of Neelkanth Varni was consecrated right here by Pramukhswami in 2014. This Abhishek Mandapam was inaugurated on 14 December 2015 by Mahant Swami, the sixth spiritual heir of the Sri Swaminarayan sect.

Abhishek: The abhishek ritual within the abhisheka method begins by tying the sacred Hindu sutra on the wrist of the devotee with the recitation of Hindu shlokas.

After tying the thread, the devotee prays for his personal want while anointing the idol of Neelkanth Varni through a small vessel of holy water.

Darshan and Pooja: 10 Am - 7 Pm

Abhishek Donation: 50 / - (per person)

Akshardham Gandhinagar water show timings

The Sat-Chit Water Shaw begins in the night after the sun sets.
By the way, the primary shaw starts at about 6:30 Pm to 7:30 Pm.
And on some special days (holiday days and public holidays) when the crowd of migrants is extra, two shaws are organized. The second Shaw starts that day at around 9 pm.

Akshardham Gandhinagar water show entry fees

• Adults (Age 11+): 100 / -
• Children (Age 3 - 11): 70 / -
• Children (Below Age 3): Free
Time to See: 45 Minutes

Terror Attack in Akshardham Gandhinagar

  • On the day of 24 September 2002, a very bad and sad event occurred on this temple.
  • Two armed militants attacked Akshardham in which 33 individuals died and around 70 individuals had been injured.
  • The Indian safety guards killed the two militants within the morning on the second day of the assault after a long confrontation.
  • On 29 September 2002, a prayer meeting was organized under the management of Pramukh Swami. During which the saints and people current prayed for the departed souls and their families.
  • Fourteen days after the attack, the Akshardham complex was reopened.

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