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2023 Yogini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha

Yogini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi and Yogini Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Yogini Ekadashi date celebrated after Nirjala Ekadashi. Based on  Hindu Panchang, Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha is called as Yogini Ekadashi.  By observing this fast, Lord Vishnu is happy.
By observing Yogini Ekadashi, all sins get removed and prosperity is attained.  The significance of fasting for Yogini Ekadashi is like feeding 88 thousand Brahmins.

Significance of Yogini Ekadashi 

Yogini Ekadashi is a legend in the Puranas concerning Yogini Ekadashi. In which there was a gardener named Hem. After getting in work, he made such a mistake that he got curse of the king, due to which he got leprosy.

Yogini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi

  • One day before Ekadashi, that's, observe the rules of fasting from Dashami Tithi.
  • Take simple food on Dashami Tithi and follow the rules of Brahmacharya.
  • On the day of Yogini Ekadashi, get up in Brahma Muhurta and clean the home.
  • After this, take a shower and take a vow by wearing clean clothes.
  • Lit a lamp in front of the statue, picture, or calendar of Lord Vishnu in the temple of the home.
  • After this, offer Akshat, flowers, seasonal fruits, coconut, and nuts to the statue of Vishnu.
  • Whereas worshiping Vishnu, keep basil leaves.
  • After this, perform aarti of Shri Hari Vishnu by showing incense.
  • Now worship Peepal tree.
  • Hear or tell the story of Ekadashi.
  • Donating on this day is considered to be welfare.
  • Bhajan-Kirtan needs to be performed throughout the evening time.
  • On the next day, during Paran, give any Brahmin or poor food as much as possible and give Dakshina.
  • After this, take food and water and fast it.

Yogini Ekadashi Katha

According to the legend, once Dharmaraja Yudhishthira was listening to the glory of Ekadashi fast from Lord Krishna. He stated to Lord Krishna, O Lord! What's the significance of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Aashadh month and what's the name of this Ekadashi? Responding to this, Lord Shri Krishna stated, O Rajan! This Ekadashi is known as Yogini Ekadashi.

All of the sins of a human being are destroyed by fasting and worshiping the Lord in a proper method on this Ekadashi on the whole day. The person enjoys all the comforts, pleasures, and luxuries in his life and finally, he will get salvation. Fasting of Yogini Ekadashi is famous in all the three worlds.

On this Yudhishthra stated, "Prabhu! Listening to the importance of Yogini Ekadashi from your Mukharbind, my eagerness has increased even more, please explain a little bit about it." To this, Lord Krishna said, "O Dharmashrestha! I narrate a story mentioned within the Puranas and listen to it carefully."

Within the city called Alkapuri of heaven, there was the rule of a king named Kubera. He was a very spiritual king and worshiped Lord Shiva. Storm came, no obstacle might stop them from worshiping Lord Shiva. A gardener named Hem used to arrange flowers to worship Lord Shiva. He used to go and give flowers to Kubera every day before worship.

Hem loved his spouse Vishalakshi very a lot. Someday Hem brought flowers for worship but on the way he thought that if there is time for worship, why not go residence. Then he took the way to his home.

After coming house, he became obsessed with his spouse and started Ramana with her. At the same time, the time of worship was running out and the king was getting distracted due to the absence of flowers. Due to this, the time of worship passed and Hem did not reach with the flower, then the king sent soldiers to find it.

The soldiers returned and told that he was a great queen. He was doing Raman with his spouse. Listening to this, the anger of the king reached the sky at seven. He immediately asked Hem to grab him. Now Hem trembled and stood before the king. The angry king said, 'O lowly majesty! You have disrespected Lord Shiva by working hard. I curse you that the disconnection of the woman will be tolerated and there can be leprosy in the dead.

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