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2022 Vrishabha Sankranti: Puja Vidhi and Importance of Vrishabha Sankranti

Vrishabha Sankranti: Know the Puja Vidhi and Importance of Vrishabha Sankranti

On this day astronomical changes happen. In this change, the Sun enters Aries and enters Vrishabha. Hence it's referred to as Vrishabha Sankranti. This sankranti also has an equivalent significance to Makar Sankranti.

Therefore, worship, chanting, penance and charity should be done on the day of Vrishabha Sankranti. It's written in the religious texts that by bathing in rivers and lakes on the day of Sankranti, a pilgrim's equivalent of pilgrimage is attained.

However, if people cannot take bath-meditation in rivers and ponds. In such a situation, you can take a bath by adding a little Ganga water to the bath water.

What is Vrishabha Sankranti?

At the same time, when the Solar enters the Vrishabha zodiac from Aries, it's called Vrishabha Sankranti. Due to this change, partial and extensive changes are seen in the planetary constellation, zodiac and weather.

Significance of Vrishabha Sankranti

In this month, Sun God together with Vrishabha sign comes in Rohini Nakshatra for 9 days, on account of which there is intense heat for 9 days. It's mentioned that the hottest summer time of the 12 months falls on the afternoon of Jyeshtha month. Surya Parikrama of these 9 days is called ‘Navatapa’.

On this case, water has particular significance on this month. On this day, worship, chanting, penance and donating bring about fruitless fruit. In this month, by giving water to a thirsty person or applying a drink outside the home, a person will get the equivalent of performing a yajna. On at the present time one should chant a beaded chanting of the mantra "Un Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya".

Sun effects on all zodiac signs

Sun is the lord of all of the planets. Resulting from this, their zodiac changes have full impact on all zodiac signs. Sun's place is considered important in astrology. The degree and position of the Sun within the horoscope only reveal the future of the person. The Sun is also related to status, prestige, fame, self-power, eyes, well being and so on. The Sun can be the factor of governance.

Vrishabha Sankranti Puja vidhi

  • On the day of Vrishabha Sankranti, get up earlier than the sun rise and take a shower in a holy river after being completed from regular activities, if you do not have any holy river then you can also take a shower by placing a little Ganga water in your bath water. 
  • Take a vow to fast and worship Suryadev and Lord Shiva after this. offer Kheer as a Prasad to the Lord. 
  • The first sixteen clocks of the Vrishabha Sankranti Muhurta are considered extremely auspicious. 
  • On this Muhurta, donations, chanting of mantras, pitr tarpan and shanti puja are also thought of auspicious.

Virtue is attained

The first month is the summer time month. Sun God is in its full effect this month. In such a scenario a water crisis arises. On the event of Vrishabha Sankranti, by providing water and donating a pot filled with water, one gets manifold merits.

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