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2024 Mesha Sankranti: Significance and Rituals of Mesha Sankranti

Mesha Sankranti: Know The Significance and Rituals of Mesha Sankranti

The Sun is considered the giver of life and the foster-nourisher of nature. There is life on earth from the rays of the sun and the routine of life runs from timber to plants to people. Sun has particular significance in astrology and it has the status of king in the Navagraha.

The Sun changes the zodiac each month and on this way transits from one zodiac to another. This zodiac change of Sun known as Sankranti. Due to this fact it's referred to as Aries Sankranti. Based on astrology, the Sun's visit to Aries is auspicious. On today, charity, virtue, tarpan and so on. are of great significance.

Aries Sankranti begins solar month

On this present day, the start of the solar yr is also considered by the Sun's entry into Aries. It's believed that half the journey of Uttarayan of the sun is completed on Aries Sankranti. It is called Vaishakh in Punjab, Vishu in Kerala, Poila Baisakh in West Bengal, Pana Sankranti or Maha Vishnu Sankranti in Odisha, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, Satuani in Bihar and Bikhoti in Uttarakhand. On this present day, worship of Lord Lakshminarayan is accompanied by charity.

It's believed that on the day of Aries Sankranti, 4 hours before Sankranti and up to 4 hours after this, there is a virtuous period. Due to this fact, bathing and donation of ancestors could be very helpful on today. On this present day, jaggery and sattu are consumed along with sun worship.

Mesha Sankranti Surya Dev Puja Vidhi

  • Solar worship has particular significance on this day. 
  • Offering sun to the sun at sunrise gives the grace of Lord Suryanarayana. 
  • On the day of Aries solstice, rise up earlier than dawn and retire from bathing and so on. 
  • Put on a red robe and fill water in a copper pot. 
  • Add blood sandalwood, red flowers and kumkum to the water. 
  • Now face the direction of sunrise and lift the lotus filled with water above the head and make a thin edge of water and offer it to the sun. 
  • Collect the water in a pot after which put it in a tree or plant. While giving water to Sun, keep chanting Gayatri Mantra or Mantras of Suryadev.

Get a shower like this at home

Auspicious works corresponding to marriage, Grih Pravesh, home constructing, Karna piercing ceremony, Bija Muhurta, well begin, bride entrance, Yajnopavit rite, Pran Pratishtha rite and many others. may be performed throughout this period.

All auspicious works will start when the Sun enters Aries. Bathing on this present day has particular significance. If you're not capable of take a shower in a river or canal outside the home, then take two drops of Ganga water mixed with a bucket of water and bathe at home. This can even give equal benefit.

Know by different local names

Clarify that Aries Sankranti is known by native names within the nation. Therefore, it's called by totally different names in all places. On this present day, worshiping the Sun God and the consumption of Sattu is considered auspicious.

It's stated that Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Mother Kali are worshiped on Aries Sankranti. If you eat satvik food on this day, it will be higher.

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