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2023 Varuthini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha

Varuthini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi and Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Katha

The Ekadashi that falls on the Krishna Paksha of Vaishakh month known as Varuthini Ekadashi. It is very fortunate and rewarding to keep this fast.  It's stated that on this present day, the Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshiped. Varaha is said to be the third incarnation out of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Padma Purana mentions the advantage of this fast. On this, Lord Krishna has told Yudhishthira the good thing about Varuthini Ekadashi fast. He has told that even Lord Chandragupta, who keeps an account of all the deeds on this earth, can't properly keep an account of the virtues of this fast. Lord Vishnu protects those who keep this fast from every crisis.

Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day in the morning. Chanting Vishnu Sahasranama of Lord Vishnu on this day is very fruitful. It should be kept in mind that food shouldn't be eaten in a bronze vessel on this day. Apart from this, even those who don't keep fast on this present day should not eat rice.

Outcomes of this Fast

It has been stated in the scriptures that observing this fast brings happiness to the unhappy and opens the best way to heaven for the king. The grace that's obtained by donating on the time of solar eclipse, the same is grace by performing this fast. By observing this fast, man will get happiness in both the world and the hereafter and goes to heaven at the end of time. By observing this fast, one will get more auspicious fruits by donating elephants and donating land.

Glory of this fast

The glory of this fast is known by the fact that the best sesame seeds are stated to be the best among all donations, and the most effective gold donation is said to be better than sesame donation and extra auspicious than the donation of gold, which results in the fasting of this Ekadashi. It happens, he stated. Devotees desirous of the love and affection of Lord Vishnu are advised keep Ekadashi fast on both days.

Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi

  • After the fasting take bath
  • Today, worship the idol of Lord Madhusudan and Varaha incarnation of Vishnu.
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera together with Lord Vishnu at your house of worship.
  • Today, fasting consume only fruit.
  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranama on this day.
  • After completing the puja, listen to the story of Ekadashi fast.
  • Awake tonight and pray to God.
  • Pass fast on Dwadashi tomorrow.
  • Offer food to Brahmins on Paran day tomorrow.
  • After that, open your fast tomorrow.

 Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Long ago there was once the kingdom of King Mandhata on the banks of river Narmada. He was a really rich and ascetic king. Once, while he was doing penance in the forest, on the same time a bear came and started eating his feet. Mandhata kept doing penance.

He neither raged nor tried to kill the bear. He remembered Lord Vishnu when the pain was unbearable. Then Lord Vishnu appeared there and protected the king. However, by then it was too late and the bear had caused great damage to the king's feet.

The king was very unhappy to see this. Then Lord Vishnu asked him to not hurt Rajan. The bear that has bitten you, it's the fruit of the evil deeds of your former life. You go to Mathura and keep Varuthini Ekadashi fasting there with proper way. Your feet will recover again. The king obeyed the Lord's command and healed his feet again.

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