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2023 Christmas Day Celebration and Know The History Behind Christmas Celebration

Christmas Day Celebration and Know The History Behind Christmas Celebration
The followers of Christianity are enthusiastic about the Christmas festival all over the world, but people of other religions have started celebrating it a lot nowadays. In fact, in the present era, when we are connected with the whole world, cultural exchange also continues. Just as in our country, special festivals of some states have become famous all over the country, similarly festivals of other countries and religions are also being celebrated on a large scale across the world. But maybe many of you are considering how to celebrate the Christmas festival. So we are presenting for you some tips which you can celebrate this Christmas festival well by adopting it.

How to celebrate Christmas Day?

Celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm

First of all, no festival can be celebrated without enthusiasm, without enthusiasm. Now, people who celebrate it because of their religious affiliation traditionally celebrate it, from prayers to decorations and gifts to friends and relatives. But you too can make this big day special by raising the enthusiasm of Christmas festival for yourself.

Celebrate with man, love and family

Just like we celebrate our traditional festivals with the whole family, similarly, Christmas should also be celebrated with the whole family. On Christmas, a lot of people also go on family trips. This best season of winter comes with the laying of snow sheets on the mountains. So you too can enjoy the snow and nature's panoramic views like cotton. Youngsters can enjoy it with their friends. Celebrating this festival for lovers can fill happiness in their love life, do you know that Santa Claus can overcome the love of your love, so celebrate this festival with full honesty and enthusiasm.

Make Christmas tree and home decoration

Even though people in India have been able to clean and decorate their houses on Diwali, but for some reason, you have not been able to do so, then this can be a good opportunity for you to decorate your home. If you are satisfied with the decoration of the house, you can prepare the Christmas tree well. Decorate the Christmas tree with colorful lights, bright peppers, greeting cards, candles, etc. By sticking colored paper on thermocol or cardboard, you can decorate the tree by making attractive designs with the impression of children's hands or feet.

Dress code is pajama party

If you are celebrating the Christmas festival in your home and invite your friends and relatives for this, then you can make it special with a little extra effort. Actually, you can request friends coming to the Christmas party to come in a particular dress. By the way, Shanta who comes wearing a dress, you can suggest to your friends that you come in disguise of Santa. Often a pajama party is also organized on Christmas. You can also keep pajamas as a dress code for your friends. It is also a very comfortable dress for such an event. In this you can have fun openly.

Capture happiness on camera

You can save these beautiful moments with the help of a professional photographer from the celebration of your mobile phone. Pictures of children with Santa in a mall can tickle you for a long time. You too can live your childhood by being a child on this one day.

Make bars for children at home

To make Christmas a little more exciting for children, you can make a bar of their favorite things like chocolate, coffee, etc. For this, they can also be asked to spend with pocket money. Actually, in the rest of the days, you keep the children away from their favorite things, but Christmas is a festival to fulfill the wishes of the children, so in this winter season you can fulfill the demand of their favorite coffee.

Why we celebrate Christmas Day? Know the History Behind Celebration

A long time ago, there was a place called Nazareth where a woman named Maryam (Mary) lived. She was very hard working and was also good for others. She was in love with a man named Joseph who was a very good youth. One day, God sent an angel named Gabriel to Mary with a message. He told him that God is sending a holy spirit to the earth to help people. That soul will be born as the son of Mary and name her Jesus.

Mary was anxious to hear how this could happen while she was unmarried. The angel told him that it would be a miracle from God, you do not need to think much about it. He also told that his cousin named Elizabeth, who had no children, would also give birth to a child named John the Baptist who would pave the way for the birth of Jesus.

Hearing this, Mary agreed to God's will. She went to meet Elizabeth and returned three months later. By then she was pregnant. This worried Joseph and he started thinking of not marrying Mary. But one night while sleeping, an angel Joseph also had dreams, she told him about the will of God. Next morning joshep wakeup and he decided to make mary as wife

After marriage, Joseph and Mary moved to Bethlehem. When they reached there, they found that there was a lot of crowd and there was no place for them to stay. So they decided to live in an animal barn. At the same time, Mary gave birth to the son of God and named him Jesus.

God indicated Jesus' birth by a bright star in the sky. The importance of this star was understood by intelligent men from different parts of the world. They followed that star to reach the birthplace of Jesus. They brought gifts for the child and his parents. In other parts of Bethlehem, where shepherds were grazing their animals. The angels started giving them good news. He sang songs to welcome the Holy Spirit on the world and enjoyed the birth of Jesus.

Since then, this day has been celebrated as Christmas. People go to church at midnight to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Exchange gifts, Carol sings, wear new clothes, and cheerfully celebrates Christmas.

This was the story of Christmas, so you may have known why we celebrate Christmas, the importance of Christmas Day and you may have also known the story of the birth of Jesus.

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