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2023 Anant Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Anant Chaturdashi 2023

Anant Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi and Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha
According to Hindu Panchag, the Chaturdashi of the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada is celebrated as Anant Chaturdashi. Many forms of Lord Vishnu are especially worshiped on Anant Chaturdashi. Another name of Lord Vishnu is Anant Dev. This year, the fast of Anant Chaturdashi will be kept on 12 September i.e. Thursday.

The importance of this day is further enhanced by the immersion of Ganesha with the worship of Lord Vishnu on Anant Chaturdashi. Anant Chaturdashi comes on the 11th day after the 10th day of Ganesh Chaturthi. According to religious beliefs, by observing this fast for 14 years, man attains Vishnu Lok.

Anant Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

  • The Mahatmya of Anant Chaturdashi is described in the Agni Purana. The infinite form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this special day.
  • After taking a bath first, take a vow by wearing clean clothes.
  • After this, do the Kalash installation in the temple. Put a picture of Lord Vishnu.
  • Now color a cord with kumkum, saffron, and turmeric and sow 14 bales in it. 
  • Now start the worship by offering it to Lord Vishnu.
  • Chant this mantra while worshiping on this day
  • Anant Sansar Mahasumdre Magran Sambhyudhar Vasudeva.
  • Anantrupe Vinojoyasva Hranantasutray Namo Namaste.
  • After this, tie the male formula of worship on your right hand and women on the left-hand side. 
  • After tying the sutra, as such, offer food to the Brahmin and take prasad.

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha: Story of Anant Chaturdashi

Once King Yudhishthira performed the Rajasuya Yajna. At that time the construction of Yagya Mandapa was not only beautiful, but it was also amazing that the Yagya Mandapa was so captivating that there did not seem to be any difference of water and land. The place in water and the place looked like water. Many people were deceived in that wonderful pavilion even after taking great care.

Once, while walking from somewhere, Duryodhana also came in that Yagya-mandapa and fell into a pond as a place. Draupadi on seeing this ridiculed him as 'blind child of the blind'. This irritated Duryodhana. This thing looked like an arrow in his heart. He had a grudge and decided to take revenge on the Pandavas. Thoughts arose in his mind to avenge that insult. He sought revenge for that humiliation by defeating the Pandavas in a game of revenge. He defeated the Pandavas in gambling.

After being defeated, the Pandavas had to undergo exile for twelve years according to the affirmation. While living in the forest, the Pandavas suffered a lot. One day when Lord Krishna came to meet him, Yudhishthira told him his sorrow and asked for a solution to remove the sorrow.

Then Shri Krishna said- 'O Yudhishthira! You methodically fast the infinite God, this will remove all your distress and your lost kingdom will be restored. '

In this context, Shri Krishna told him a story -

In ancient times there was a noble ascetic Brahmin named Sumant. His wife's name was Deeksha. He had a supremely virtuous and astrological girl. Whose name was Susheela. When Sushila grew up, her mother Deeksha died.

After the wife's death, Sumant got married to another woman named Karkasha. Sushila was married by a Brahmin Sumant to the sage Kaundinya. On the matter of giving something in farewell, Shursha tied some bricks and pieces of stones to the son-in-law.

The sage Kaundinya got sad and took his wife and walked towards her ashram. But it was night on the way. They started dusk on the river bank.
Susheela saw - there were many women wearing beautiful clothes and worshiping some deity. On Sushila's asking, she methodically explained the importance of Anant Vrat. Susheela performed that fast there and tied fourteen knuckles in her hand and came to the sage Kaundinya.

When Kaundinya asked Sushila about the thread, she told the whole thing. They broke the string and threw it into the fire, insulting Lord Anant Ji. As a result, the sage Kaundinya began to remain unhappy. All their property was destroyed. When he asked his wife the reason for this poverty, Susheela said about burning the thread of the infinite God.

While repenting, the sage Kaundinya went to the forest to obtain the eternal thread. Disappointed for several days in the forest, one day he fell on the ground after being disappointed.

Then the infinite God appeared and said- 'O Kaundinya! You despised me, because of that you had to suffer so much. You are sad Now you have repented. I am pleased with you Now you go home and do an endless fast in a systematic way. By fasting for fourteen years, your grief will be removed. You will be endowed with wealth. Kaundinya did the same and got rid of all the tribulations.

On the orders of Shri Krishna, Yudhishthira also fasted the infinite God, due to which the Pandavas were victorious in the war of Mahabharata and ruled for a long time.

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