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2023 Hartalika Teej Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Hartalika Teej 2023

Hartalika Teej Puja Vidhi and Hartalika Teej Vrat Katha
In Hinduism, women observe many fasts a year for the longevity of their husbands. One of them is Hartalika Teej Vrat. On this day, women are engaged in the worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati by keeping a fast for the whole day. In North India, not only married women but also virgin girls do this fast to wish a worthy bride. It is believed that Mata Parvati kept this fast before marriage to get Shiva as her husband. This time Hartalika Teej is being celebrated on September. To keep this fast, it is mandatory to follow some special rules while remaining waterless all day.

Hartalika Teej Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

The fast of Haratalika Teej is performed. That is, the whole day, the whole night and the next day after sunrise, food and water are taken.
This fast is kept by virgin girls and Suhagin women.
This fast is not left after starting once.
If a woman is not able to keep this fast due to poor health, then after fasting, it can be fast with fruit.
It is not auspicious to sleep at night in the hartalika fast, but it is considered auspicious to chant the Lord's bhajan all night.

Hartalika Puja Katha: Story of Hartalika Puja

Once Lord Shiva told the story of the greatness of this fast intending to remind Parvatiji of his previous birth. Bholeshankar said - O Gauri! On the banks of the Ganges, situated on the mountain Himalayas, you had done severe penance for twelve years in your childhood.

You spent so much time not eating food and chewing dry leaves of trees. You entered the water continuously in the terrible cold of Magh and meditated. In the burning heat of Vaishakh. You meditated the body with Panchgani. In the torrential rain of Shravan spent time under the open sky without consuming food and water.

Your father was very sad to see your suffering austerity. He used to suffer a lot. Then one-day Naradji came to your house seeing your penance and father's affliction. Your father hospitably asked the reason for his arrival.

Naradji said- Giriraj! I am present here on the sending of Lord Vishnu. Your daughter has done very harsh penance. Pleased with this, they want to marry your daughter. I want to know your opinion in this context.

Giriraj became enraged after listening to Naradji. Like him, all the tribulations went away. Pleased, he said -If Vishnu himself wants to remember my daughter, what good can I object. He is a real Brahm. Hey Maharishi! It is the wish of every father that his daughter should become the Lakshmi of a husband's house with wealth and wealth. The meaning of the father is that his daughter should be happier than her father's house.

After getting the approval of your father, Naradji went to Vishnu and told him the news of your marriage is confirmed. But when the matter of this marriage was found in your ear, then your sorrow could not remain.
One of your friends understood this mental state of yours and wanted to know the reason for that madness from you. Then you told - I have recited Lord Shivshankar with a sincere heart, but my father made my marriage with Vishnu. I am in a strange religious crisis. What to do now? Apart from giving up his life, there is no solution left now. Your friend was very intelligent and understanding.

He said - a friend! What is the reason for giving up this life? One should be patient in times of crisis. The meaning of the life of a woman is that in the form of a husband, once she accepts from the heart, she should live with it throughout her life. True faith and integrity have to be surrendered to God. I take you to a dense forest, which is also a place of worship and where your father cannot find you. You get absorbed in cultivation there. I believe that God will surely help you.
Then, as a result of your penance, after getting me in front of you, you said - I have chosen you as a husband from my heart. If you are really happy with my penance, you have come here, then accept me as your ardhangini.

Then I returned to Mount Kailash by saying 'Aastastu'. As soon as the morning, you passed all the pooja material in the river and passed the fast along with your friend. At the same time, Giriraj, along with his friends and brothers and courtiers, came there in search of you and asked the reason and purpose of this auspicious penance. Seeing your condition at that time, Giriraj was deeply saddened and had tears in his eyes due to pain.

You said in a polite voice wiping their tears- Father! I have spent most of my life under rigorous penance. The purpose of my penance was that I wanted to get Mahadev as a husband. Today I have met the test of my penance. Because you had decided to marry Vishnu, I left home in search of my adorable. Now I will go home with you on the condition that you will not marry Vishnu and marry Mahadevji.

Giriraj agreed and took you home. After some time, they tied the two of us together in the marriage formula according to the scriptural law.

Hey Parvati! I was married to you as a result of the fast you worshiped on the Shukla Tritiya of Bhadrapada. Its importance is that I give desired results to the virgins who observe this fast. Therefore, every woman who wishes for good luck should observe this fast with complete honesty and faith.

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