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Pleasure Of Reading Essay

Pleasure Of Reading

Pleasure Of Reading

Books are the greatest friends. There are books for every occasion. Reading books is one of the charms of life and should be a part of the life of all intelligent people.

Children usually get acquainted with books in their childhood when they listen to bedtime stories from their parents. Then children move on to comics.

Creative literature attracts everyone. It nourishes, entertains and provides solace in adversity. Great works in literature are noted for their imagination and understanding of human nature.

Autobiographies and biographies of great people inspire children to become great. One can realize how despite all the difficulties they meet in life; they go on to become great people.

Books excite thoughts, stimulate our aesthetic sense and help us understand our fellow creatures. We should read the books we like. We should carefully select the books we read. It is necessary to read them with imagination and sympathy.

So reading is a pleasurable experience.

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