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How I Fought My Bad Habits Essay

How I Fought My Bad Habits

How I Fought My Bad Habits

Somehow or the other, I got addicted to certain bad habits. It is difficult for me to disclose what those bad habits were but I would like to share the secret of how I fought my bad habits.

Habits are difficult to make or break. Firstly, I did not think that it would be so difficult to fight my bad habits but I soon found that I was absolutely wrong.

Every night I used to resolve that I would start the next day free of my bad habits. However, the next day I used to find it difficult to wake because I had to give up my bad habits. So, I used to postpone it.

Then I started asking people close to me to pray for me. No miracle happened. Then I realised that God helps them, those who help themselves.

With renewed vigour, I fought them and gradually emerged successful.

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