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A Fire Accident Essay

a fire accident

A Fire Accident

It was a hot summer day. At 3 p.m. smoke emerged from a shop in a busy street. Before anyone realised, there was an uncontrollable fire everywhere.

People panicked and ran hither and thither. Fire brigade was summoned. Neighbours threw water and sand on the fire but the fire kept on devouring everything on its way.

The fire brigade was finally able to control the fire by 6 p.m. To this day the actual cause of the fire is not clear.

Lot of property was destroyed. Those who had insurance were able to recover their losses. Others lost everything. Fortunately there was no casualty.

People learnt a lesson that everything in this world is temporary. A fire accident can shatter their dream houses and shops in a matter of few hours.

So we should always remain humble and alert, lest a fire accident makes us humble the hard way.

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