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2023 Surya Grahan - Types, Significance and Mythological Story

What is the solar eclipse?

According to Physics, when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, and then the sun bumped behind the moon for some time. 

This phenomenon is called sun eclipse or Surya Grahan. As we know that the earth corresponds to the sun and the moon does the earth. 

Sometimes the moon comes in the middle of the sun and the earth, which stops some or all the light of the sun and spreads on earth and the solar eclipse.

Types of solar eclipse

Sun eclipse consists of three types, it depends on the full or less part of the sun by the moon.

There are three types:

  1. Full solar eclipse,
  2. Partial solar eclipse and
  3. Annular solar eclipse

Full solar eclipse

At the time of the full solar eclipse, the Moon comes in the middle of the sun and the earth, and the Moon covers the earth full of shadows. 

Due to this, the sunlight or light can not reach the Earth and a situation like darkness occurs. The whole sun does not give up on security. This type of eclipse is called a full solar eclipse.

Partial solar eclipse

In this type of solar eclipse, the moon comes in the middle of the sun and the earth that a few parts of the sun do not see the earth, that is, the moon, only a few parts of the sun to take into their shadow. 

That is why some part of the sun remains unaffected in eclipse and some eclipse. Eclipse in some part of the earth, which is called a partial solar eclipse.

Annular solar eclipse

Even when it comes to the sun and the earth, when it comes to the sun and the earth, it comes in the middle of the sun and the sun that only the middle part of the sun comes in the shadow area and the Sun Moon on the Earth. 

It does not appear to be completely covered but the sunlight is seen in the outside of the sun and this is why the bracelet or the ring appears glazed, so Ring of Fire is also called.

It is dangerous when a solar eclipse is seen directly

The solar eclipse is advised to not see it directly. The reason for this is that during the solar eclipse, the harmful solar radiation comes out from the sun so that the fragile tissue damage of the eyes becomes. 

The rainy season seems to be when the moon comes in such a way in the middle of the sun and the earth. By which the moon stops more than half of the sun.

The religious and mythological story of solar eclipse

According to the story of Merma, when the ocean came out of the nectar, the monster named Rahu suffered him secretly from the gods. 

Both the sun and the moon were watched. Information about this, he gave Lord Vishnu. It was very angry to hear Vishnu.

Due to the unjust sake of Rahu, he woke up from Sudarshan Chakra to give him the death penalty. On doing so, Rahu’s head was separated from his torso. But he was amazed, due to which he did not die. 

At the same time, Rahu accepted both to take revenge from the sun and the moon. It is known today by the name of the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

It should be done during the eclipse and later

Tulsi leaves should be kept in eating items at the time of the eclipse period. Do not take a bath at the time of eclipse but it should be bathed at the end. 

It becomes purified. Since nature is very sensitive at this time, it is necessary to take care of everything.

As far as there is a matter of time, it takes time at both sun eclipse and lunar eclipse. Just look at the geography at the time of the incident. This time it will not be seen in India, so it does not seem to have it. The first temples of the eclipse are closed and the eclipse is opened after purification.

This work are not done in the eclipse period

The eclipse will not be valid in India, but the effect of the eclipse falls simultaneously on the entire creation, so there is a ban on some things during the eclipse period. 

Eclipse in the eclipse period, some drinking, sharp voice, auspicious work, demanding work, etc. are not done. In this period, pregnant women should not be out of the house. 

To do this, there may be a bad effect on the fetus. According to religious sight, the powers are awake during this time and from a scientific point of view, the radiation from the sun is very fatal. 

Therefore, according to both eyes, it is interrupted to go out in the eclipse period.

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