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Vamana Jayanti 2023 - Know Significance, Puja Vidhi & Story

Vamana Jayanti is celebrated to worship Lord Vamana, the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The celebration of Vamana Jayanti is celebrated on the twelfth day (Dwadashi Tithi) of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Bhadrapada according to the Hindu calendar.

According to the English calendar, Vamana Jayanti falls in August or September. Lord Vishnu incarnated as the son of sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi and became popularly known as Vamana. According to Hindu scriptures, if a person worships Lord Vamana, then that person is freed from all kinds of sufferings and sins and attains salvation.

Significance of Vaman Jayanti

According to Hindu mythology and scriptures, one who will perform 100 complete yajnas will have the power and ability to rule the earth as well as heaven. King Mahabali was the biggest devotee of Lord Vishnu, but he was still considered a major threat to the gods.

He started performing 100 yagyas. Lord Indra demanded his support from Vishnu because he feared that King Mahabali might become the ultimate ruler. He requested Lord Vishnu to help him to complete the Yagya and prevent him from becoming the ruler of the entire universe.

Due to the prayers of Lord Indra and various other deities, Lord Vishnu appeared as his 5th avatar as Vamana, a dwarf Brahmin. Hearing this, King Mahabali agreed to give so much space to a dwarf Brahmin. For this, Vamana grew in size and took huge forms.

There was no place left for Lord Vamana to put his third leg. Knowing that the dwarf Brahmin is none other than Lord Vishnu, King Mahabali himself offered his head so that Lord Vamana could take his third step. Therefore, the king was defeated and sent to Hades.

Fasting method

On the day of Vamana Jayanti, one should wake up early in the morning and worship God with rituals and after worship, donating things like rice, curd etc., which is considered good. One should worship Lord Vamana in the evening and listen to the fast story and accept the prasad with all the family members.

Lord Vamana should be worshiped with lawful law in a sincere manner, doing so makes Lord Vamana happy. And fulfill all the wishes of his devotees. The Vamana avatar is considered to be an important avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Story of Vamana Jayanti

According to the story of Vamana avatar, a fierce war was going on between the gods and the demons. In this battle, the demons started getting defeated and the demon king Bali dies from the Braj of Indra, then the demon Guru Shukracharya revives Bali with his dead Sanjeevani Vidya and Shukracharya organizes a yajna for Bali and the divine chariot with fire. , Flood and obtain illegal armor.

Due to which the power of the demons increases and they attack Amravati. King Bali defeats Indra and takes possession of heaven. Indra then goes to Lord Vishnu and begs for help. Lord Vishnu assures him to help. His mother Aditi is very sad to see Indra’s pitiable condition. Then Lord Vishnu says to Aditi that Goddess don’t worry, I will be born as your son and return Indra to heaven.

Then Lord Vishnu incarnates Vamana from the womb of Mata Aditi on the day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month and all the gods are happy seeing her form of Brahmachari Brahmin.

Once King Bali was performing Ashwamedha Yagna to take over the heavens. Then Vamana lord arrives at King Bali to offer alms. Bali confides him in a perfect posture and honors him and asks him to beg Three steps in begging ask for land.

The demon Guru Shukracharya asks King Bali to give three feet of land to Vamana God, but King Bali keeps his word and promises to give three feet of land to Lord Vamana, Then Lord Vamana starts increasing his size and he is present in the form of Viraat and Lord Vamana measures the earth in one step and heaven in the other step and says to the sacrifice, tell me where to put your third step, then the king will be exalted.

Vamana is recognized that this is Lord Vishnu in his real form, he puts his head forward and says that you should put your third step on my head. Lord Vamana is pleased to see this and he puts his foot on the head of the ear. But keep it, Bali goes to Hades and becomes the overlord there and the gods get freedom from the fear of demons.

According to religious beliefs, the devotees fast on this day and make a golden statue of Lord Vamana and worship r and the Vamana Lord removes all their sufferings.

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