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Vyasa Puja 2023 - Importance & Religious Belief

What is Vyas Puja?

This period lasts according to the time of Aashad. After being able to do this task. On this day, devotees work closely with their gurus. Also known as Vyas Puja. At the time of worship, Vyasakam and Shankaracharya Panchakam. The group consists of five parts from group to group.

Importance of Vyas Puja

Vyasa Purana has importance in the convention. It is necessary to improve the lives of people and they are also better for health. In Shlokas it has been done so. He is a teacher or guru and can grow even further.

What are the days of worship?

Determination of ancient Hindu religion is auspicious and beneficial for worshiping the Guru and doing business. Your household functioning has worsened.

  • Wake up early, cleaning your house, then cleaning and cleaning again.
  • It is easy to make Vyaspeeth or Vyas ji. To do this, lay a washed white cloth on the floor and draw twelve lines (north to south and east to west) using silt or popularly used ashtagandha powder.
  • Then, recite the mantra ‘Guruparampara Siddhartha Vyas Pujamishyesh’. The connotation is that I worship Guru Maharishi Veda to establish the Guru.
  • Brahma, Paratparashakti (supreme energy), Vyasa, Shukadeva, Gopad, Swamiji, and Guru Shankaracharya Kavahana on Vyasa’s posture.
  • Later Shodashopchar-Pooja, which is the method of logging in again.
  • All the above ceremonies will be offered to the parents and initiators later.
  • Vyasa ji type Vedas or other scriptures can also be read.

About Ved Vyas

Vyasa is included in the Adi Guru or Sarvaprivritti of the entire anthropology. Texts 3000 Veda Vyasa’s real name was Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa. He was the son of Maharishi Prastra and Goddess Satyavati, the sister of the Kairavas and the Pandavas. Of Hindu descent, he was great and intelligent.

As was the bilingual of the Vaidyas of the Vedas and the author of the Mahabharata, the Veda was named Vyasa. The first properties of the environment are suitable for the environment. Therefore, the Mahanubhava is completed in youth, as the full moon of Ashadha Purnima.


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