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2024 Top 10 Malayalam Festivals around the World

Kerala is a beautiful seaside state of India. The state is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, and tourist spots but is also known for its culture, Utsav and the festival celebrated in Kerala.

Top 10 Malayalam Festivals around the World

1. Onam

Flowers and plants are made inside the house. At the same time, the idol of Lord Vishnu is kept inside the house on the ninth day.

In whose worship the people of the house are present and people sing songs.

2. Thrissur Pooram

This festival is also one of the major festivals of Kerala. Thrissur Pooram Festival is more than 200 years old. This festival is essentially celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva.

Thrissur Pooram Festival is celebrated in the month of April in the famous temple of Vadakunknath in Kerala.

This festival, celebrated once a year, attracts people from not only the country but also from abroad. There is a 36-hour long puja by the people here. During this spectacular fireworks take place.

Not only this, we get to see a unique confluence of colors, music, and devotion here. During this time, about 50 well-dressed elephants walk on the road, shrieking at the sound of drums.

It looks very spectacular to see this procession. The weather is also favorable during this festival.

3. Kerala Boat Festival

A large number of people like to take boat trips in Kerala, but the boat festival here is different. It is known as Boat Festival. Kerala and its residents have a unique relationship with boats.

The most important thing is that the residents here love to participate in any festival related to boats. That is why boat-related festivals are also celebrated here with pomp.

The most popular of these is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Champakulam Mool Boat Race, Poonamada Lake Peelapad Jalotsavam on Palpadad Lake.

A large number of foreign tourists also come to participate in these. In such a situation, if you are planning to visit Kerala, then definitely enjoy these festivals.

4. Vishu Festival

It is also a major festival in Kerala. Vishu festival is also known as Vishnu festival. It is the new year for the Malayali population of the state.

This festival is based on the ancient astrological calendar of this population. Vishnu Festival is celebrated in the month of April. Many attractive and colorful exhibitions are also held during this period.

The most special thing about this festival is the practice of Kanya Kanal here. Kanya Kanal practice means first sight.

In this practice, it is believed that the fate of the coming year depends on what object is seen in the morning on this day.

There is another tradition in this festival. In this money is distributed to the younger members of the family. After lunch, there is a spectacular display of fireworks on the night of this festival.

5. Attukal Pongal Festival

Attukal Pongal Festival is also a very famous festival in Kerala. Although it is mainly celebrated by women.

It is also a tradition to celebrate this festival with joy among every religion, caste, and class. This festival lasts for 10 days.

It begins in the Malayalam month of Makram-Kumbham i.e. Bharani day in the last round of February.

The festival is celebrated in his honor in the temple of Goddess Parvati of Thiruvananthapuram city. During this time, a large number of dishes are offered by women to Parvati Ji here.

Which consists mainly of dishes made of jaggery, rice, and banana. During this time, a large number of people throng to see this festival.

6. Theyyam Festivals:

A Theyyam festival is also special in Kerala. This festival is about 800 years old. The Team Festival is celebrated in the months from December to April.

Around 400 different cultural dances are performed at this festival. The most important thing is that in this, black-like people dress up as gods and dance.

Adorned with colorful clothes, flowers, and masks, these black cars look very beautiful to see. The most important thing is that when these dancers dance in a rhythm, flowers are showered during that time.

During this period, the visitors get many mythological stories here. Due to the cool and pleasant weather during the festival, a large number of people participate here.

7. Guruvayur Festival:

A unique confluence of processions, decorative arches, bright lights, fireworks is seen during this festival. People paint their houses during this festival.

Apart from this, houses are decorated with banana leaves, coconut bunches. On this land of deities, tourists get to see excellent performances of many rituals and traditions.

A large number of foreign tourists also come to see this festival.

8. Thiruvatirakali

Thiruvatirakali is one of the major festivals celebrated in Kerala which is celebrated in the month of December or January.

This festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva that is why this day is perfect and very auspicious for worshiping Lord Shiva.

Whereas on this day, the women get up at 4 am to take a bath and sing songs that are related to the God of love and create a rhythm by sprinkling water with their hands. Finally, the women stand in a circle and sing songs in praise of Cupid.

9. Christmas

The Christian Bible says that Jesus Christ was born on December 25, 2 thousand years ago in a stable in Bethlehem. This day is celebrated by Christians around the world as Christmas.

This festival is an important festival for the people of the Christian community. In this situation, Christmas is being celebrated all over the world.

Christians offered special prayers in churches in Tamil Nadu on the occasion of Christmas.

10. Kodungallur Bharani Utsavam

Kodungallur Bharani Utsavam or Kodungallur Bharani is one of the major festivals of Kerala, usually celebrated in Malayalam month Meenam or between the months of March and April.

The festival is hosted at Kodungallur Bhagwati, one of the grandest temples in the state in Thrissur.

This three-day festival is celebrated as a victory of Bhadrakali’s victory over a demon named Darika. 

During the festive celebrations, devotees sing and dance in groups and people from different communities participate in the traditional rituals of the temple.

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