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Shodashi Mahavidya 2024 - Benefits, Rituals & Story

Shodashi Mahavidya Maheshwari is the most beautiful Siddha Devi with the most beautiful Shri Deity. Podshi is the fourth place of Mahavidya among the Mahavidyas. The goddess with the mantra of sixteen letters is like the aura of the rising sun circle. He has four arms and three eyes.

They lie on the lotus seat, always on Shiva lying in a calm posture. His four hands are adorned with loop, ankush, bow and arrow respectively. Always ready to give brides, Bhagwati’s Srivigraha is supplied with gentle and heartfelt kindness.

Those who take shelter of them, there is no difference between them and God. In fact, his glory is indescribable. All mantras of the world worship him. The Vedas are also unable to describe them. She gives everything to the devotees with pleasure, the intended meaning is limited.

Faces are also of the same colors

Prashant Hiranyagarbha is Shiva and his power is Shodashi Mahavidya. In Tantra scriptures, Podshi Devi is described as Panjnavaktra, that is, five faces. With four and one facing upwards in four directions, they are called Panmavaktra.

The five faces of the Goddess are the symbols of the five forms of Tattpurush, Sadyojat, Vamdev Aghor and Ishaan Shiva. The colors of the five directions are green, blood, smoke, indigo and yellow respectively. These faces are also of the same colors. The ten hands of the Goddess are Abhaya, Tanka, Shul, Vajra, Pash, Kharag, Adkush, Ghanta, Naga and Agni respectively. The Shodash arts are fully developed in them, hence they are called Shodashi.

Shodashi is also considered as Sri Vidya. They have many names like Lalita, Raj-Rajeshwari, Mahatripur Sundari, Bala Panchadashi etc. These are considered as Adyashakti. Other disciplines offer only one of bhoga or moksha. They provide both devotion and salvation to their worshipers. They have four forms, gross, subtle, and turkey.

Who is Goddess Shodashi?

  • Maa Shodashi is the most beautiful Balasvarupa Srivigraha Devi of Shakti.
  • Maa Shodashi is the fourth place in Mahavidyas.
  • Shodashi Mahavidya is also known as Srividya.
  • Shodashi Maa is famous by many names like Lalita, Tripura and Raj-Rajeshwari.

Benefits of Shodashi Puja

  • You get wealth, happiness and prosperity from Shodashi Puja.
  • This puja opens the way to attain salvation.
  • Success in all works starts with Shodashi Puja.

Important information for Shodashi Puja

  • To perform Shodashi Puja, we need information on date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, gotra etc.
  • To get Shodashi Puja done in the name of more than one person, you have to give us information about their name, date of birth, place of birth and gotra etc.

How will Shodashi Puja be performed?

  • After we get all the information for the puja, you have to pay dakshina of Shodashi Puja.
  • After paying the amount of Shodashi Puja, we will tell you the time of worship.
  • Period of worship and how many pundits will be involved in Shodashi Puja.
  • All this information will be given to you before Shodashi Puja.
  • After the worship is over, the Prasad of Shodashi Puja will be sent to your given home address.

You can also overcome the problems in your life by pleasing the mother of Shodashi. You can call us to get any information related to Shodashi Puja.

Story of Goddess Shodashi

Once, Parvati Parvati ji asked Lord Shiva – God! With the practice of Tantra Shastra published by you, the half-disease, mourning, humiliation, inferiority of the living being will be removed, but it will not remove the unbearable grief of conceit and death. Please tell me some way to get rid of this misery and attain mokshapad. ‘ At the request of Param Kalyanamayi Consultation, Lord Shankar

Ghodashi revealed the Shri Vidya Sadhana-system. Lord Shankaracharya also worshiped the same Goddess Devi as Shri Vidya. That is why even today, the worship of Bhagwati Shodashi Rajarajeshwari Tripurasundari as Shri Yantra is going on in all the Shankar Peethas.

Lord Shankaracharya while praising Shodashi Sri Vidya in Soundaryalhari said that ‘there is a gem island in the sea of ​​nectar, which has the turn of the Kalpavrikshas, ​​there are nine crosses of Navratras. The palace built of Chintamani in that forest has a celestial throne, in which the gods of Panjakritya are Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Ishvara asanas and sadasiva pane.

Always on the lotus emanating from the navel of Shiva Blessed are those who meditate on the seated Bhagwati Shodjhashi Tripurasundari. With the influence of Bhagwati, both enjoyment and salvation are readily available to them.

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