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Hindu Deities 2023

Hinduism is very elaborate and many Gods and Goddesses are worshiped in it. If a deity is worshiped for auspiciousness, then a goddess is worshiped for the fulfillment of wealth. In Hinduism, different deities are worshiped at each festival and fast.

33 crore gods and goddesses

There are 33 crore deities among the Hindus who are worshiped. Some people relate them to the Rigveda and some relate them to an alleged statement of Swami Vivekananda. It was said in this statement that all the 33 crore countrymen of the country should serve humanity and the country with selflessness, considering them as gods.

The imagination of 33 crore gods and goddesses

In fact, this is just a blank fantasy and there is nothing like that in the truth. There are said to be 33 crore deities in Hinduism and it is believed that since ancient times, the tradition of worshiping innumerable gods and goddesses has been going on. In this regard, everyone wants to know whether 33 crore deities really exist in Hinduism or not.

What is truth?

The word Koti has two meanings in Sanskrit in which one means type and the other is crore. These 33 Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism deities are included Eight Vasus, eleven Rudras, twelve Adityas, Indra, and Prajapati.

12 Aditya – Anshuman, Aryaman, Indra, Tvashta, Dhatu, Parjanya, Pusha, Bhaga, Mitra, Varuna, Vaivasvata and Vishnu
8 Vasu – Dhruv, Mon, Dhar, Anil, Anal, Pratyush, Prabhash
11 Rudra -, Mahinas, Ayuttaras, Kaal, Vamdev, Bhava and Dhrit-Dhwaja, Manu, Manyu, Shiva, Mahat, Ritudhwaja
2 Ashwini – Ashwini and Kumar (Some people consider Ashwini Kumar in place of Indra and Prajapati.

In this way, there are a total of 33 Koti gods, including a total of 12 Adityas + 8 Vasus + 11 Rudras + 2 Ashwini Kumaras.

Hindu goddesses

1. Mahalakshmi
2. Durga
3. Kaushiki
4. Saraswati
5. Mahakali
6. Gayatri
7. Vaishno Devi
8. Santoshi Mata
9. Navdurga
10. The Ganges
11. Basil
12. Swaha
13. Swadha
14. Dakshina
15. Shisth
16. Mansa Devi
17. Chamunda
18. Cinnamon
19. Other Ladies
20. Annapurna
21. Mariamma
22. Mathangi
23. Ashta Mothers
24. Chandi Devi
25. Radha
26. Tripur Sundari

Hindu god

1. Creator Brahma
2. Destroyer Shiva
3. Follower Vishnu
4. Major incarnations of Vishnu
5. Lord Ram
6. Lord Krishna
7. Vighnaharta Ganesh
8. Hanuman
9. Devraj Indra
10. Agnidev
11. Chitragupta
12. Cupid
13. Dhanvantari
14. Yamraj
15. Kakabhusudi
16. Garuda
17. Sun God
18. Chandra dev
19. Mangal Dev
20. Mercury Dev
21. Jupiter Dev
22. Venus Dev
23. Shani Dev
24. Rahu and Ketu
25. Addendum
26. Artis

Many gods and goddesses are worshiped in Hinduism. You must have also seen that here every fast and festival is worshiped to a different goddess or deity and their number is so much that it is very difficult to keep their name and form in mind. Ma Durga himself has nine forms and then Lord Shankar has also taken many forms.

Speaking of Lord Vishnu, he has taken 10 incarnations on earth so far and there will be many incarnations and forms of gods and goddesses like him. Perhaps if all these are mixed then 33 crore deities are made.

Everybody who believes in Hinduism believes that 33 crore deities exist and they are worshiped. We do not need any proof to validate this.

Worshiping God can remove many problems of life and if you remember them with a sincere heart, then all your sufferings will surely go away and your life will be happy and prosperous.

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