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Gujarati New Year 2023 - Greetings & New Year Resolution

Make your loved ones happy by giving advance happy new year. Earlier handmade cards were given to each other on New Year, now virtual cards and text messages have taken their place. Which is quite convenient. Through them, you can send greetings through Facebook statuses, WhatsApp stickers, photos, which they will like very much.

Below are some good New Year greetings.

I wish you and your family peace, prosperity, happiness, and good health in this new year.

This new year brings excitement, happiness and brightness in your family life, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year

Hope this new year will bring peace, contentment and joy in your life. Happy new year

Another wonderful year is coming to an end. But don’t worry, a new year awaits you to decorate your life with unlimited colors.

New Year brings you happiness, peace and prosperity.

Keep your New Year’s resolution

Here are five small, meaningful changes you can think about making.

Mindful diet

The idea behind a mindful diet is very basic: if you take the time to get a true taste of what you are eating, without interruptions, your body will tell you when you are full and what it craves. The hope is that a mindful diet can lead you to a balanced, healthy diet that includes your favorite things to eat.

Go to sleep – wake up – at the same time.

Too often we focus on getting enough sleep, which is important, thus avoiding getting in the way of bedtime or regular bedtime. One of the tools to help you set that routine is your smartphone. Bedtime lets you choose the ideal time to go to sleep and the time to wake up and it will monitor how much you are sleeping during the night.

Then whether you use your phone, set up your TV for TV sleep, or let your partner or spouse remind you at night: Compatibility is the key. Try to put yourself on a regular sleep schedule and see how it feels to you.

Find an activity that will help you achieve your goals.

First, compress every day what you want to achieve, whether it’s getting stronger, increasing relaxation, or burning fat. Then find an activity that aligns with your goals – and you enjoy it, so you’re more likely to make it a habit to make time to move.

Cut on sugar

The average American consumes 77 pounds of sugar or sweeteners each year, although eating too much of them increases your risk of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Think about evaluating how much sugar you consume, and if it’s too much, take steps to cut back a bit.

Drink a little more water

If you want to increase your water intake, try keeping a water bottle on your desk, drinking a glass before each meal, or quitting some H20 when you feel hungry (experts say we often combine hunger and thirst).

Lack of accountability is one of the main reasons we slide into resolutions or goals. Make sure when you are committed to a goal or lifestyle change you share it with a friend or family member who will continue to make progress. Make it a year that you achieve your goals.

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