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Dasha Mahavidya 2024 - Benefits, Rituals & Significance

The 10 forms of Shakti are worshiped as Dasha Mahavidyas. The worship of Dasha Mahavidyas also receives their blessings to ordinary devotees. Dasha Mahavidya means Goddess of great learning. This Mahavidya is 10 forms of Durga Maa.

These Dasha Mahavidyas include Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Chinnamasta, Tripurbhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala etc.

 Ten mahavidyas of the Goddess

  1. Maa Kali
  2. Maa Tara
  3. Maa Bhuvaneshwari
  4. Maa Baglamukhi
  5. Maa Kamala
  6. Maa Chhinmasta
  7. Maa Shodashi
  8. Maa Bhairavi
  9. Maa Matangi
  10. Maa Dhumavati

Mahavidya Devi Kali

To kill the demons, Maa Durga took the form of Kali. Kali holds the first position in Mahavidya. Worshiping Kali Devi leads to the attainment of siddhi. Devotees worshiping Mata Kali should be of a singular and pious mind. Maa Kali is quickly pleased by worshiping with a sincere heart.

In the battle between gods and demons, the gods did not get victory Maa Kali. There is a grand temple of Mahakali Ji in Gujarat, Ujjain, and Kolkata. These are all miraculous temples.

Mahavidya Devi Tara

The worshiper of Mahavidya Devi Tara is not short of money and attains salvation. Maharishi Vashistha first worshiped Mahavidya Devi Tara. There is a grand temple of Tarapith in the Birbhum district. It is in West Bengal. The second grand famous temple is located in Shimla, which is in Himachal Pradesh.

Mahavidya Devi Bhuvaneshwari

Worshiping Maa Bhuneshwari to get a son fulfills the desire. Mata Bhuneshwari is also known as Shatakshi and Shakambhari. Worshiping them brings energy equal to the sun and gives them a lot of respect.

Mahavidya Devi Bagalamukhi

The devotee who performs the practice of Mahavidya Devi Bagalamukhi gets freedom from the fear of the enemy and attains perfection in the art of speaking. The seekers who do their spiritual practice in Navratri get success in every field. Sri Krishna and Arjuna worshiped Bagalamukhi Devi to win over the Kauravas.

Mahavidya Devi Kamala

By worshiping Mahavidya Devi Kamala, a person gets prosperity, happiness, woman, son, etc. The devotee who practices Mahavidya Devi becomes rich and scholarly.

Mahavidya Devi Chinnamasta

The form of the Goddess Chinnamasta is beautified by a severed head and three streams of flowing blood. When Mahavidya Devi Chinnamasta is worshiped with a calm mind, she is seen in a calm form and if she is in a disturbed mind, she is seen in a fiery form. This temple of Chinnamasta Devi is in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Shaktipeeth is the most popular place after the Goddess Kamakhya.

Mahavidya Devi Shodashi

They have many names. She is also known as Rajarajeshwari, Tripur Sundari, and Lalitha. In Tripura, Tripura is the Shaktipeeth place of Sundari Devi. Life becomes blessed just by having a glimpse of a grand form.

Mahavidya Devi Bhairavi

The person who worships and worships Mahavidya Devi Bhairavi is freed from all the shackles. Devotees who worship the Goddess have an increase in trade and wealth.

Mahavidya Devi Matangi

The living life of a person who worships Maa Matangi Devi is very happy and successful. A person who worships and accomplishes Mahavidya Devi Matangi attains Riddhi Siddhi in the world of sports, art, and music.

Mahavidya Devi Dhumavati

Mahavidya Devi Dhumavati removes all kinds of deprivations and sufferings. A person who practices Maahood becomes a great man and a perfect man.

Benefits of Mahavidya Puja

  • The divine grace of Parvati Maa is attained by Dasha Mahavidya Puja.
  • This puja protects against diseases and gets rid of chronic diseases.
  • Dasha Mahavidya Puja leads to health, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Dasha Mahavidya pujas increase confidence.

How will Dasha Mahavidya Puja be completed?

We will need the following information to perform your worship:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Birthplace

Purpose of worship

To book and perform the puja, you will have to pay the entire puja amount, including havan and other puja material (material used in the puja). Our experienced pundits will worship according to Vedic customs based on your date of birth, time and Gautra. Pooja Prasad will come to your house by courier after the Puja ritual is over. All worship rituals will be performed under the guidance of a guru.


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