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Chandra Grahan 2023 - Know the Significance & Historical Belief

What is the lunar eclipse?

In the scientific language, the moon eclipse is an astronomical incident, when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth. In easy language, when the sun and the moon are closed to light on the moon, it is called lunar eclipse.
The moon turns the earth and the sun’s sun.

Whenever the earth goes directly between the sun and the moon, it stops the lights falling on the moon. So that the shadow of the earth falls on the moon and this is called moon eclipse or Chandra Grahan. During the sea churning, when there was a dispute in Gods and Demon, Lord Vishnu had taken the form of a siren. He had sitting apart separately to God and Asuras. But Rahu had tacked the nectar from deception.

Then Moon and Sun told Vishnu and Vishnu separated Rahu’s head from the torso from Sudarshan Chakra. But due to nectar tasting, he did not die. And his head was known as the name of Rahu and the torso. For this reason Rahu and Ketu consider the sun and the moon as their enemy and takes the moon on full moon. Therefore there is lunar eclipse.

Historical Belief related to lunar eclipse and solar eclipse

According to the legend, there was a dispute over the nectar paan between Gods and Demon during the sea churn. So Lord Vishnu Mohini Holded the form of a siren on the day of Ekadashi. The dispute is calm and the intangible gods will be found. For this, Bhanwan Vishnu talked about distributing Amrit in equal parts between the Gods and the Asuras.

He agreed both of them. After that Lord Vishnu sat in separate line to Gods and Asuras. But understood Asuras to understand Lord Vishnu’s move. One of them was sitting in the line of Deities by holding the form of a god. It did not know Lord Vishnu.

This clever of Asur told Sun and Moon to Lord Vishnu. On this Vishnu came to God and cut the throat of that monster from his Sudarshan Chakra. Since he had acted, he did not die. The part of his head became a part of Rahu and the torso. Since then, Rahu-and Ketu, Sun and Moon began to believe in their enemy. These grows the moon on the day of Rahu and Ketu Purnima. Therefore there is lunar eclipse.

Moon and Sun saw this demon

Sun and Moon sitting in the row of the deities saw this demon while doing this and gave information to Lord Vishnu, after which Lord Vishnu separated the demon head from his Sudarshan Chakra. But by then that demon had took the nectar until the throat, due to which he did not die and his head was known as the name of Rahu and the torso. For this reason, Rahu and Ketu consider the sun and the moon as their enemy. On the day of Purnima and Amavasya, the sun and the moon are grown. It is called sun eclipse and moon eclipse.

Lunar eclipse according to astrology

According to astrology, Rahu and Ketu have been considered as a shadow planet. In the horoscope, if you go to bad feeling, then she has to face many problems in life. Their power can be estimated from the fact that the sun and the moon can not even escape its effect. Know the scientific point of view in the next slide.

According to science

The earth revolves around the sun, while the moon revolves around the earth. Earth and the moon are roaming at a time when the sun, the earth and the moon live in one direct. When the earth blows in the middle of the sun and the moon. In this case of the moon, the earth goes completely in the oat and the sunlight does not fall on it, it is called moon eclipse.

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