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Suchindram Shakti Peeth, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India: The Shaktism

Suchindram Shakti Peeth, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India: The Shaktism

Suchindram Shakti Peeth, Tamil Nadu

Shuchindram Shakti Peeth is considered one of the 51 Shakti peeths famous in Hinduism. It is usually called 'Shuchi Shaktipeeth'. It is believed that at this place Goddess Maa killed Maharaksa Banasura and it was right here that Devraj Indra got freedom from the curse of Maharishi Gautama. Special festivals are organized here on special festivals like Navratri, Chaitra Purnima, Ashada, Ashwin Amavasya and Shivaratri, by which the goddess mother is adorned with diamonds.

According to the Puranas in Hinduism, wherever the body parts or ornaments of the goddess Sati fell, there they became Shakti peeth. These Shakti peeths are referred to as very holy shrines, which are spread all over the Indian subcontinent. These Shakti peeths are very important from a religious point of view. Devipurana describes 51 Shaktipeeths.

Shuchindram Shakti Peeth Mythological Belief

There is a mythological legend that Banasura, after doing severe penance, asked Shiva for a boon of immortality. Shiva said that he could be invincible to all but Kumari Kanya. After getting the groom, he was furious and defeated the gods too, in whose heavens there was also a distress. At this, the gods went to the shelter of Vishnu and performed a Mahayagya on his advice, so that Bhagwati Durga appeared as a girl in a fraction.

The goddess meditated on the South Beach to get Shiva as her husband and Shiva gave her the desired groom. The gods were worried about this, if the girl was married to Shiva, then how would Banasura be killed? Hence Narada entangled Shiva in the prapancha on the Shuchindram pilgrimage, which led to the marriage Muhurta.

Goddess Swaroop

In this Shakti peeth, Mother Sati is revered as Shakti Narayani, whereas Lord Bholenath Sanhar is revered as Bhairav. It is believed that at this place Bhagwati Devi killed Maharaksa Banasura and it was right here that Devraj Indra got freedom from the curse of Maharishi Gautama. The temple here has a grand and impressive statue of Narayani Maa and a garland in her hand. There is also a temple of Bhadrakali ji within the Nij Temple. She is considered to be the friend of Goddess Bhagwati.


Worship has a different significance on this Shakti peeth of Mother. According to the faithful devotees, worshiping here proves Vedic and other mantras. Special celebrations are held here on special occasions like Navratri, Chaitra Purnima, Ashada and Ashwin Amavasya, Shivratri, by which the Goddess Mother is adorned with diamonds. Taking a bath in Kanyakumari eradicates all the sins of the devotees and they become holy.

Shuchindram Shakti Peeth Mythology

Shuchindram Shakti peeth is one of the 51 Shakti peeths. According to spiritual texts, parts of Goddess Sati fell at all these places. According to the legend, a yajna was organized by King Daksha, father-in-law of Lord Shiva, by which King Daksha did not send invites to Lord Shiva and Mom Sati, because King Daksha did not consider Lord Shiva as his equal.

Mom Sati discovered it very bad. She reached the yagna with out calling. There was a lot of insult to Lord Shiva on the place of sacrifice, which Mata Sati could not tolerate, and she fell into the Havan Kund there.

Lord Shankar came to know about this, after which he reached there and took out the body of Mata Sati from Havan Kund and started doing Tandava, which triggered upheaval in the entire universe. To save the entire universe from this crisis, Lord Vishnu divided the physique of Mata Sati into 51 elements from his Sudarshan Chakra, the organ where it fell turned the Shakti Peetha.

In the Shuchindram Shakti peeth, the "higher tooth" (vertical) of Mother Sati fell. Here Mata Sati is known as ‘Narayani’ and Lord Shiva as ‘Sanhar’.

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