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2023 Top 10 Churches around the India

Top 10 Churches in the India

List of Top 10 Churches In India

1- Saint Cathedral Church

It is among the largest churches in India. It is situated in Goa. This cathedral church is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. This church was constructed by the Portuguese army in honor of victory over the Muslim army. The development of this church started in 1562 and was completed in 1619.

St. Cathedral in Goa is the most important and attractive church within the state. This grand monument was built by the Roman Catholics during the Portuguese reign in the 16th century (mid-year 1619 to 1562). In this grand church, an attempt has been made to enlighten the lives of St. Francis by means of various paintings. The beauty of this church fascinates the tourists visiting here.

2- Parumala Church

The Parumala Church located in Kerala was constructed in the memory of the good saint Grigorius Jirvaghees. It is also known as Parumala Church. This church is located in Manar, Kerala. It is a parish church of the Mallankara Orthodox Syrian Church. In 1947 Grigorius was named a saint by the Catholicos of the Church.

Parumala is a small village which can be an island located within the Pathanamthitta district. The village is especially famous for the mausoleum of St. Gregories, which belongs to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. This church is a very popular pilgrimage web site regionally. Every year in the month of November an annual feast is held right here, which includes hundreds of people.

3- Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is among the oldest churches in India. This Beav Metropolis is located in Goa. It has been declared a World Heritage Website. This church is more than 300 years previous. Bom Jesus means God Jesus. On this church the body of Saint Francis Xavier is saved once a year for the followers of the church. During this time, hundreds of followers come from abroad.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church is a simple structure (Basilica of Bom Jesus Details) and if it is left with gold altars, a good instance of Basque architecture is seen in it. The facade of the building is constructed of black granite and contains a subtle blend of Doric, Corinthian and composite types.

The height of the church is 61 feet and the pillar is raised with basalt. The interior of the church is framed in the Mossico Corinthian fashion and chapels are made on the main entrance. Its picture consists of two bellpapers behind the altar and a belfry behind.

Here the altar of St. Anthony is located on the correct, whereas on the left stays an extraordinary wood statue of St. Francis Xavier. In the northern wall of the church is a senataph dedicated to the captain of Cochin, Coin, Dom Jerónimo Mascarenhas.

4- Malayattur Church

This shrine of Christianity is located in Kerala. This St. Thomas is believed to have propagated the teachings of Christianity in South India. It is among the oldest churches in India. This church was constructed by Saint Thomase. It is situated on the highest of a mountain. This church is associated with the Vatican. Climbing the mountain to the church is a thrilling experience for the followers.

Today's Malayattoor Church is built on the positioning where Saint Thomas established the Virgin Mary's pious place a number of centuries in the past. Situated on the top of the Malayattur hills, this spiritual place attracts millions of devotees yearly.

This church is built within the Greco-Roman architectural fashion. There are many carvings and work here, together with 5 delightful mysteries of Jesus Christ. Yearly during the months of March - April a pageant is celebrated which is called Malayattur Perunal. The Marthoma Mandapam, the Sannidi, the Golden Cross, the magical water springs, the signal of Saint Thomas on a rock and his life-size statue are also value visiting.

5- Kadamattam Church

Kadamattam Church is an integral part of the Malankara Jacobite Orthodox Syrian Church. It is believed that this church was constructed in the ninth century. The architecture of this church is Indo-Persian. The church has signs of the old Persian cross. They were identified for supernatural powers. The Chapel and the Poyadem Well are spectacular sightseeing places.

Being one of the distinctive churches within the country, the Kadamattom Church is named after a priest named "Kadamattathu Katanar". Myths state that this priest had supernatural powers.

6. Mount Mary Church (Mumbai)

Mount Mary Church in Mumbai is devoted to the Virgin Mary (Mother of Lord Jesus). This church was built in 1640, however was later demolished. It was rebuilt again in 1761 AD. Mount Mary Church holds a week-long fair in September, by which people of all religions are involved.

7. St. Francis Church (Kerala)

St. Francis Church in Cochin, Kerala was built in 1508 AD. This church is the first European-style church built in India. Vasco da Gama was buried briefly on this church, later his mortal stays were taken to Portugal. The church was rebuilt in 1516 by Francisco the Almeida. It was declared a protected monument in April 1923 under this  Act 1904", the Archaeological Survey of India  oversees this church.

8. Kanpur Memorial Church (Kanpur)

The Kanpur Memorial Church  Kanpur was built in 1875. This church was in the memory of the British troops who lost  lives through the 1857 War of Independence. The design of this church was designed by Walter Granville, the architect of the East Bengal Railway.

9. St. Joseph Catholic Church (Jammu and Kashmir)

St. Joseph Catholic Church is located in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir. It was founded in 1891. It is the oldest Catholic Church in Jammu and Kashmir. This church was started by "Mill Hill Missionaries". Later this church was looked after by the Society of Jesus.

10. St. Francis Assisi Church (Goa)

St. Francis Assisi Church is one of the largest and engaging churches positioned in Old Goa. It was built by the Portuguese in 1661 AD. The interior of this church has 5 artistic bells, one of which is a gold bell.

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