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Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a well-known Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala state, India.

This temple is included in the main Vaishnava temples of India. Along with this, this temple also has historic significance. This ancient temple was rebuilt by Maharaja Martad Varma of Travancore in 1733.

There is a legend related to this temple, it is mentioned that the statue of Lord Vishnu was found at this place, after which the temple was constructed here.

God sits in a sleeping posture

This temple is also associated to the name Thiruvananthapuram. Locals and Vishnu devotees believe that this city is called after the serpent named 'Anant' of God. The resting state of God present here known as 'Padmanabha' and hence this temple is known as the name of Padmanabha Swamy's temple.

The architecture of the Padmanabha Swamy temple built between the beach and lush green hills is made as soon as the architecture of the temple is used. This temple is located inside the eastern fort and its complex is very huge, which is realized by seeing its seven-storey gopuram.

Built in Kerala and Dravidian architecture, this temple is a splendid example of South Indian structure.  Males are only allowed to wear white dhoti as lingerie. The month of Appsey which is from October to November.

What secret is hidden in the basement

5 cellars are built under the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple. A treasure of about 22 billion {dollars} has also been received from inside these cellars. In addition to the precious diamonds and jewels on this treasury, a huge store of gold and ancient sculptures also emerged.

On the same time, a panel of officials associated with the administration of the temple crossing every door found a heap of ancient souvenirs. Eventually all of them reach the last chamber of the temple called Chamber B, however after reaching here they must cease because despite trying loads, no one was able to open the door and until the end it was not known what secret was hidden in it.

Shri Krishna's elder brother Balaram worshiped here

The Padmanabha Swamy Temple, which seems like an enormous fort constructed in the course of Thiruvananthapuram, is a crucial place of religion for devotees.

The historical past of the temple may be very outdated. In response to the Mahabharata, Shri Krishna's elder brother Balarama got here to this temple and worshiped right here.

It's believed that the temple was established 5000 years in the past on the first day of Kali Yuga, but it was rebuilt in 1733 by King Marthanda Varma of Travancore. Here Lord Vishnu is adorned with ornaments of pure gold.

Statue in lying posture

Here the devotees get divine darshan of the reclining statue of Lord Vishnu from different doors. In this idol, Sheshnag's mouth is open as if Sheshnag is smelling the lotus in the hands of Lord Vishnu.

Statues of Sridevi and Bhudevi, each queens of Lord Vishnu, are put in around the statue. In this idol, the statue of Jagat Father Brahma is installed on the lotus emanating from the navel of Lord Vishnu.

In the main room where Vishnu is a statue in the reclining posture of God, many lamps are kept burning, the light of these lamps is visible to God.

Gilded Gopuram

Along with very tight safety arrangements within the temple, there are guidelines for the entry of devotees here. Males can enter only by wearing a dhoti and it's mandatory for women to put on a saree. Entry into other ba si li is prohibited here.

There is a golden pillar in the temple whose devotees hold staring on the beauty. The golden studded gopuram of the temple is of seven floors, 35 meters high. Wonderful workmanship can be seen within the temple spread over several acres.

Characteristic of Sri Padmanabha Temple

A special characteristic of Sri Padmanabha Temple is that in this temple, the sleeping idols of Lord Vishnu, sitting and standing idols are put in. In the sanctum sanctorum, the idol of Lord Vishnu in the bed of Lord Vishnu is decorated with flowers.

The standing idol of Lord Vishnu is taken out of the temple on festive events. Religious ceremonies occur twice a yr. In this ceremony ‘Aout’ (holy tub) is performed. In this ceremony, the idols of Lord Vishnu, Narasimha and Lord Krishna are taken outside the city to the sea shore and bathed.

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