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Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

Siddhivinayak is the most popular form of Lord Ganesha. In which the trunk of Lord Ganesha is turned to the right. According to the information, temples with such a statue of Ganesha are called Siddhapeeth. Because of which these temples are called Siddhivinayak. Vinayak is the name of Lord Ganesha.

Temple design

This temple is located in Prabhavadevi area of Mumbai. This 5-storey temple has a Ganesh Museum, Ganesh Vidyapeeth and a second floor hospital for the free treatment of the poor. There is also a kitchen on this floor.

Whence the lift comes directly into the womb. Prasad for Ganpit is brought by this route. The temple has a small pavilion for Siddhivinayak. Here the idol of Ganesh ji is two and a half feet high and two feet wide, carved with the same black stone.

Ganesha has Kamal in one arm, Farsa in the other, Japamala in the third and Modak in the fourth. The snake is wrapped on the abdomen through the left shoulder. There is a third eye on the forehead and Riddhi on one side of the Ganesha idol and Siddhi on the other side.

The wooden doors in the temple reflect Ashtavinayak. The ceilings inside the temple are adorned with gold plaster. There is also a Hanuman temple at its periphery.

How the temple was built?

According to the information, the temple was originally built on 19 November 1801. Which is believed to have been built by a local contractor named Laxman Vithu Patil. The amount of money for the construction was given by an agricultural woman, it is said that the woman had no children. The woman wanted that no woman would be infertile with the blessings of God by coming to the temple, so that everyone could get child happiness.

Gates are open for everyone

The special thing is that the doors of this temple are open to people of every religion. The Aarti on Tuesday is quite famous here, in which devotees from far away reach here to participate.

Siddhivinayak is also known as Navasacha Ganapati or Navsala Pavanara Ganapati. Actually, in Marathi language, Bappa is called by this name. There are also two statues of silver mice inside the temple. It is believed that these mice made of silver convey their wishes in the ears and reach Lord Ganesha soon.

Special things related to Siddhivinayak temple

Many interesting things are attached to the Siddhivinayak temple. Siddhivinayak Temple is considered to be a rich temple, the reason behind this is that every year, the whole Mumbai can be fed with food as much as it offers. This temple has also become very famous due to Bollywood films.

The second feature of Siddhivinayak, the quadrilateral Deity, is that it is the Quadrilateral Deity. Not only Hindus but people of all religions come to this temple for philosophy and worship.

Story of Siddhivinayak Temple

According to the legend, when Lord Vishnu was creating the universe, he fell asleep. At that time two demons Madhu and Catabh were born to Lord Vishnu. They started persecuting both gods and sages. Distressed by the atrocities of Madhu and Kaitabh, the gods worshiped Shri Vishnu and asked him to be killed. After this, Lord Vishnu woke up from his sleep and tried to kill him but he failed.

Lord Vishnu sought help from Lord Shiva, then Lord Shiva told him that without Ganesha this task could not be successful. After this, Lord Vishnu called Lord Ganesha. Ganesha appeared on Lord Vishnu's prayer and killed both the demons.

After the slaying of demons, Lord Vishnu built a temple on a mountain and established Lord Ganesha. After that the place came to be known as Siddhitek and the temple as Siddhivinayak.

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