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Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara, Rajasthan: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara, Rajasthan: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

The location of the main pilgrimage centers of the Vallabh sect of Vaishnavism, Nathdwara Dham is considered paramount. The fruit of seeing Nathdwara can also be paramount.

The place of pilgrimage of Nathdwara Dham is located on the banks of river Banas in Rajsamand district, about 48 kilometers from the city of picturesque Jhelo, Udaipur in Rajasthan state of India.

Shrine of Shrinathji

The main temple here in Nathdwara Darshan is Shrinathji Temple. It is the head seat of the Vallabh sect. It is counted in the main Vaishnava peeths of India. Acharyas here are considered tilakayat among the many descendants of Shri Vallabhacharya Ji. This idol was in Vraj on Mount Govardhan.

Shrinathji's temple is very large, but the temple doesn't have any specific architectural style. People of Vallabh sect consider their temple to be the house of Nandaraji. There are no shikhars on the temple. The temple is inbuilt a very simple way. Where the idol of Shrinathji is put in, the roof is also made of ordinary tile.

Nathdwara Darshan Time and Methodology

The place of visit by Nathdwara is very narrow, so the darshan is offered to the visitors in turn. There are eight darshans of Shrinathji like this. However sometimes there is a rise on particular occasions and events.

That are organized on their scheduled Nathdwara darshan time table. The names of these eight darshans are as follows.

1- Mangala
2- Make up
3- Gwal
4- Rajbhog
5- regeneration
6- enjoyment
7- Sandhya Aarti
8- Sleeping

Aside from Shrinathji's darshan, there are some locations within the temple which do not have any particular idol. But he is the center of attraction of devotees. The names of these special places are as follows-

1- Florist, 2- Panaghar, 3- Shakghar, 4- Ghee home, 5- Milk home, 6 Mewghar and so forth.

The specialty of those locations is that there are so many flowers within the flower house, that every type of flower is made from small mountains. The same factor is also seen in relation to locations like paan, shak, ghee, dry fruits and so on.

Places to visit in Nathdwara

There are many more temples besides Nathdwara Darshan and Nathdwara Dham in Srinath temple. In which two temples of Navneet Priyaji and Shri Bithalnathji are famous.

Apart from this, an especially large gaushala of Shri Nathji stays the center of attraction of travelers right here. Which is known as Nathdwara Gaushala. This Gaushala at Nathdhara is one of the largest cowsheds in India.

Dwarkadhish Temple

The Mukhaya temple in Kankroli is of Sri Dwarkadhish, some distance from Nathdwara Dham. It's said that Maharaj Aambraik used to worship this idol. Travelers may also stay here in the temple.

Yatra Dham

Kankroli is an important pilgrimage center of the Vaishnava sect. This place has become a vacationer destination because of its scenic beauty. It's counted among the many seven yatra dhams of Vaishnavos.

How to reach Nathdwara

Marwar Junction is on the Ahmedabad Delhi line of Western Railway. A line from Marwar runs to Mavli. Nathdwara is 15 kilometers earlier than Mavli. Kankroli railway station is 15 kilometers from Nathdwara.

The city is about 6 kilometers from Nathdwara station. The bus runs from the station to the town. The distance from Udaipur to Nathdwara is 48 kilometers. Nathdwara can be reached easily by bus, taxi from Udaipur.

The idol of Shrinath ji came from Vrindavan

  • Srinathwara Temple is in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. It was built within the 17th century during the time of Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar.
  • The idol of Lord Krishna put in in the temple was brought here from Vrindavan.
  • Srinath is the head of the Pushtimargiya Vaishnavism. Every year devotees come right here from abroad.

Mawli rail junction is 28 km from Nathdwara.

  • This 337 yr old temple is 1 kilometer from the roadways bus stand on National Highway 8.
  • The temple can be reached by public transport or auto rickshaw.
  • This temple is located 48 km from Lake City Udaipur.

Where to stay

There are lots of beautiful and well maintained Dharamshalas in Nathdwara to remain. In Nathdwara Dharamshala, Delhi's Dharamshala, Laxmivilas, Dya Bhawan, Porbandar Wali Dharamshala and Krishna Dharamshala are prominent. Apart from this, there are also good hotels here. Travelers may also keep right here in some temples.

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