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Shankaracharya Temple, Srinagar: Know The Significance and Religious Belief

Shankaracharya Temple, Srinagar: Know The Significance and Religious Belief

Shankaracharya Temple

Srinagar is  known for its natural beauty with the lush greenery of the Himalayas. Jammu and Kashmir has many, among them a big temple of the state is the Shankaracharya temple which is often known as the "Jyeshteshwara Temple" and "Close to-Pahar".

This temple is dedicated to the highly popular and acclaimed Lord Shiva. A temple that's situated atop the Shankaracharya hill, which is part of the Jabarwan mountain. And it's located at an elevation of 1,000 feet above ground level. The temple views the beautiful city of Srinagar from a height.

Shankaracharya Temple Time 

The temple opens at 6 am. The entrance here is guarded by army personnel. It is not allowed inside the temple after 5 pm, however the temple remains open till 8 pm.

Reach Shankaracharya Temple

Tourists will want particular permission from the army division to go to this temple. Jammu and Srinagar are the foremost cities of India and each are nicely connected to all parts of the nation by trains, airways and street.

This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has been visited by many individuals and town of Srinagar can be an important site for many people and attracts many tourists.
The temple and its surroundings are a spot of immense pure beauty and hence one should go to this place as soon as in a lifetime.

Shankaracharya was the incarnation of Shiva

It's believed that Jagadguru Shankaracharya's father Shivguru Namapudri and his spouse Vishaka Devi didn't have any youngsters for many years of marriage. Both worshiped Lord Shiva harshly in the desire of children. Pleased with the devotion of both, Lord Shankar gave the boon of being born in his home as a son himself. After birth, the parents named him "Shankar", who later became known as "Jagadguru Shankaracharya".

Amazing view from the temple

Shankaracharya temple is present at a considerable height. To go to this temple one has to climb about 200 stairs. A wonderful view of all the valley of Srinagar is available from the temple. From here, the height of the famous Dal Lake is created by sight.

Adequate security arrangements near the temple

Particular security arrangements have been made close to the Shankaracharya temple in view of terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

People coming right here must go through a tight security system. Due to safety, no one is allowed to take footage on this temple.

However, it's a miracle of the unwavering religion of the devotees towards Bhole Baba, which provides them a moment to realize that Bholenath is settled in these litigants of Paradise. Who fill all the devotees who come to this temple with happiness.

History of Shankaracharya Temple 

King Gopadatya constructed a temple on the top of the Shankaracharya hill around 371 BC. Therefore after which the temple was named after the king itself.

Later Adi Shankaracharya, stayed at this place during his go to to Kashmiri, so the title of this temple was changed from Gopadari to Shankaracharya.

After some time, Dogra ruler Maharaja Gulab Singh got the stone stairs constructed within the temple for the convenience of the devotees. And also repaired this temple. Apart from being a religious place for Hindus, this temple also holds nice archaeological significance.

The Shankaracharya temple is regularly worshiped by pilgrims who visit the area during the common Amarnath Yatra. The 243 steps that result in this temple are not very steep and will be easily climbed.

The beautiful Srinagar city overlooks the city and the temple is located at an altitude of about 1000 feet. From right here one can also see the gorgeous snowy mountains. This pilgrimage area is the oldest within the area and one of the Kashmir Valley.

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