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Karveer Shakti Peeth, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India - The Shaktism

Karveer Shakti Peeth, Kolhapur, Maharashtra - The Shaktism

Karveer Shakti Peeth, Maharastra

This Shaktipeeth is located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Here the 'Trinetra' of Mata Sati was dropped. The power here is Mahishasuramardani and Bhairav Krodhashish. It is believed to be the personal residence of Mahalakshmi. This is most famous Shaktipeeth of 51 Shaktipeethas.

Kolhapur is a city of ancient temples located on the banks of the Panchganga River, the confluence of 5 rivers. Mahalakshmi Temple is the most important temple here, where the idols of Trishaktis are also there.

There are a Shiva linga and Nandi temple on the head of the temple of Mahalakshmi, and Vyankatesh, Katyayini, and Gaurishankar are also within the Devakosh. There are many sculptures in the complex.

In the courtyard is the Manikarnika Kunda, on whose side is the temple of Vishveshwar Mahadev. It is talked about that the present Kolhapur Purana is the famous Karveer area. Such mention is found within the Devi Gita.

Mythological reference

According to 'Karveer Kshetra Mahatmya' and 'Lakshmi Vijay', Kaulasur demon had got a groom that he could be killed by a girl, so Vishnu himself appeared in Mahalakshmi form and was beaten up and defeated in Karvir by defeating him in battle.

Before death, he pleaded with the goddess that the area should get her name. Devi gave the groom and bought herself located there, then it came to be known as 'Karveer Kshetra', which later became 'Kolhapur'.

Mother came to be known as Kolasura Mardini. According to Padmapuran, this area is 108 kalpa ancient and has been called Mahamatruka, as it is the main seat of Adyashakti.

Mahalakshmi Temple

This temple of Mahalakshmi located in Karveer is very ancient. Its architecture is on Sriyantra. It is decorated with 5 peaks, three pavilions. There are three pavilions - Garbha Mandapa, Middle Pavilion, Garuda Pavilion. The main and large central pavilion has large, tall 16x128 pillars.

Thousands of sculptures are in craft form. Here in the morning from 'Kakad Aarti' to midnight bed Aarti, the worship continues uninterruptedly, shehnai playing, bhajan kirtan, recitation.

A large temple of Mahalakshmi is located behind the treasury near the old palace in Kolhapur, also known as the 'Ambaji Temple'. The temple is surrounded by the Nijamandir of Mahalakshmi. The main a part of the temple is made of blue stones. There are also Padma Sarovar, Kashi Tirtha, Manikarnika-Tirtha, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Jagannathji's temple and so on.

The Mahalaxmi temple here is the Shaktipeeth, the place, according to Tantra Chudamani, the three eyes of Sati fell. The power here is Mahishasuramardini and Bhairav Krodish. It is believed to be the personal residence of Mahalakshmi. According to Matsyapuran, there is a five-curved Karveer area in the middle of the nation of Karashtra, in whose vision all the sins are washed away.

The statue

Devi's Srivigraha diamond is mixed and self-luminous. Padmaragamani located in the middle of it is also self-proclaimed - that is what the experts say. The statue was worn down because it was very ancient.

Therefore, in 1954, the ritual of Vrajlep-Ashta Vandhadi within the idol by the Kalpokta method became clear. Within the hand of the mother of Chaturbhuji, on the maturing, mace, shield, panpatra and forehead, there is serpent, linga, vagina - this is mentioned in the goddess Mahatmya of Markandeya Purana

Route position

Mumbai to Kolhapur is not a direct rail route, while it is the main city of Maharashtra. It is positioned 472 kilometers southeast of Mumbai, 48 kilometers further west from Niraj station. It falls 280 km south of Pune.

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