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Kailasa Temple, Ellora, Aurangabad: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Kailasa Temple, Ellora, Aurangabad: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Kailasa Temple, Aurangabad

Regarding the Kailasa temple, the people of Maharashtra say that this temple was constructed inside a week. The story of this temple is related to a queen whose husband (King Naresh Krishna I) was extremely ill.

She prayed to Lord Shiva for her husband to get well. In return, the queen vowed to build a temple devoted to Shiva and fasted till the temple was completed. The queen then proceeded to fulfill her vows. The queen's architects had been involved about her fast, as such a grand temple would require a long time to finish.

Kailasa temple was prepared in a week

But an architect named Kokasa assured the queen that he may build the temple in a week. Koksa stored his word and began to build the temple from the rock from high to backside. In this method, the Kailasa temple was prepared in a week.

The Kailas Temple is a prominent temple in Maharashtra which was carved out of the hill with hand tools along with 34 cave temples. Explain that out of these 34 caves, only 12 are the most influential.

The Kailas Temple was constructed in the eighth century by King Krishna I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. Kailas Temple is located near Ellora village which is considered to be probably the most amazing 'buildings' within the history of structure.

Let us inform you that this temple is the most important monolithic structure in the world which is carved on a rock. This temple of Ellora is located simply 30 km from Aurangabad. Kailas Temple is so attractive in look that it attracts not solely the individuals of India but additionally vacationers from everywhere in the world. If you'd like different details about Kailas Temple situated in Ellora Cave, then undoubtedly learn this article, here we're going to give you full information about Kailas Temple.

Kailash Temple Aurangabad Architecture

The architecture of Kailas temple attracts not only the individuals of the nation but also the people from everywhere in the world. The Kailas temple is as attractive in look as the effort was put into building this temple. It's stated that it took 150 years to construct this temple. By the way in which, seeing the beauty of this temple, you will not be surprised that at the moment it would have taken so long to build this temple.

Please tell that Kailas Temple is a two-storey building which is considered to be the most important statue made of a single stone rock in the whole world. Many generations are said to have contributed to the construction of the temple. The height of the temple is 90 ft. Nandi is located in the open pavilion of this temple and on both side of it there are huge elephants and pillars. There are chambers on three sides in the courtyard of the temple.

Best time to visit Kailash Temple Aurangabad

If you are planning to go to Kailas temple then you will think that what is the best time to visit here? So please inform that these caves are open for tourists throughout the year. However due to good climate and cool weather during October to February, the presence of tourists visiting right here is much more than the entire year. There is a summer season from March to June in which the daytime temperature right here exceeds 40 ° C. This is followed by the end of June to October monsoon season.

How to visit Kailash Temple Aurangabad Maharashtra

Kailas Temple is located in the 16th cave of Ellora and you can select any flight, train and bus to visit here.

How to reach Kailash Temple Aurangabad by Flight ?

If you are thinking of touring to Kailas temple by air, then the closest airport to reach this temple is from Aurangabad. The gap from here to Ellora caves is about 35 kilometers. After reaching Aurangabad Airport, you can attain the caves with the help of any bus or taxi. For Aurangabad you'll get direct flights from major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Both these airports have good connectivity to all important cities in India.

How to attain Kailas Temple by train?

If you have opted for the rail route to go to Kailas Temple then allow us to tell you that Aurangabad railway station is well related to Mumbai and Pune. Jalgaon railway stations are the nearest stations to Ellora. From here you can go for a bus or taxi.

How to reach Kailash Temple Maharashtra by Bus?

If you have chosen the road to go to Kailas temple then let us tell you that Aurangabad is just 100 km from Ajanta and 30 km from Ellora. To reach the caves of Ajanta Ellora, you can rent a local taxi or journey by buses operated by state transport.

History of Kailash Temple Aurangabad

The Kailas Temple is said to be a singular structure of its form, built by King Krishna I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty between 757-783 AD, the temple is situated in the Lyan-chain of Ellora. Let us inform you that about 40 thousand tons of ringing stones had been cut from the rock to build this temple.

Nobody knows the exact date of construction of Kailas temple. It is stated that about 7000 laborers were engaged to build the Kailas temple. The Kailas temple is dedicated to Shiva, the shiva lingam of Lord Shiva is enshrined on this temple. The most important factor is that this temple appears like the Kailas Temple in the Himalayas.

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