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Gandaki Shakti Peeth, Pokhara, Nepal: The Shaktism

Gandaki Shakti Peeth, Pokhara, Nepal: The shaktism

Gandaki Shakti Peeth

Gandaki Shaktipeeth is considered one of the 51 Shaktipeeths well-known in Hinduism. This Shaktipeeth is considered as Muktadayini. This Shaktipeeth is located on the origin of the Gandaki River in Nepal.

According to the Puranas in Hinduism, wherever the body parts or ornaments of the goddess Sati fell, there they became Shaktipeeth. These Shaktipeeths are called very holy shrines, that are spread all over the Indian subcontinent. These Shaktipeeths are very important from a religious point of view. The Devipuran describes 51 Shaktipeeths.

Here Sati had fallen

The Gandaki Shaktipeeth is located on the point of origin of the Gandaki River in Nepal. Gandaki Peeth is considered as Muktadayini. Muktinath of this place can be spoken. In this Shaktipeeth, the Dakshinagand (cupola) of Sati had fallen.

Sati Gandaki Chandi and Shiva Chakrapani are right here. This temple is 125 km from Pokhara. This temple is made from pagoda form. Its title is mentioned within the Vishnupurana as the Muktinath temple. The Saligram stone is identified here. It's stated that one who takes a bath in the Gandaki River here, gets rid of sin and receives heaven.

Holy places of pilgrimage

According to the Puranas of Hinduism, Shaktipeeth came into existence wherever pieces of Sati's parts, clothes or jewelery were worn. These are referred to as holy places of pilgrimage. These pilgrimage spots are spread across the Indian subcontinent. 'The Devi Purana describes the 51 pilgrim spots.

• 'Gandaki Shaktipeeth' is positioned at the point of origin of Gandaki River in Nepal.
• The "Dakshinagand" (cupola) of Sati fell in this Shaktipeeth.
• Here Sati is ‘Gandaki’ and Shiva ‘Chakrapani’.

Gandaki Shaktipeeth Mythology

Gandaki Shaktipeeth is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths.  According to the legend, King Daksha organized a yanjna, in which King Daksha did not invite to Lord-Shiva and Mother-Sati, this is because king daksha didn’t consider him equal,  Mother Sati found it very bad. She reached the yagna without calling. There was a lot of insult to Lord Shiva at the place of sacrifice, which Mata Sati could not tolerate and she jumped into the Havan Kund there.

Lord Shankar came to know about this, after which he reached there and took out the body of Mata Sati from Havan Kund and started doing Tandava, which caused upheaval in the entire universe. To save the entire universe from this crisis, Lord Vishnu divided the body of Mata Sati into 51 parts from his Sudarshan Chakra, the limb where it fell became the Shakti Peetha.

The "head" of Mata Sati fell in the Gandaki Shaktipeeth. Right here Mata Sati is called ‘Gandaki Chandi’ and Lord Shiva as ‘Chakrapani’.

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