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Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore

The temple of Maa Chamundeshwari is located on the mountain at a distance of 13 km from Mysore city of Karnataka, within the south direction of India. It's believed that the mother's hair fell here.

She is known as Chamundeshwari after Kali, the destructive type of mother power. That is the mother who destroys the Mahisur demon with the mouth of Chand mund and buffalo. This adorable goddess of the Mysore Maharajas.

The Trimuta place which has fallen from eight hills. This place was full of cronchas in the past, so for this reason this Shaktipeeth is known as Krauncha Peeth.

There is an idol of Lord Shri Ganesh on the entrance of the temple. The doors are made of silver, on which many images of the mother are made. On both sides of the door are the door guard, named Nandini and Kamalini. Inside the temple is the lotus feet of the mother and together with the small statue of Nandi.

Significance of  Chamundeshwari Temple

This temple of Goddess is positioned on the Chamundi Hills, 13 km from the city of Mysore within the state of Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to 'Mother Chamundeshwari' in a form of Goddess Durga.

This place is the main religious place of Hindus and Chamundeshwari Devi is considered as the form of Durga. Situated on the Chamundi Hill, this temple is considered a symbol of slaughter of demon Mahishasura by Durga ji.

It's stated that the goddess had killed Mahishasura at this place, today this Chamundeshwari temple is located. There's a tall statue of Mahishasura on the Chamundi hill followed by the temple. Chamundeshwari temple is considered to be one of many 18 Maha Shaktipeeths. Because in keeping with beliefs, the hair of Goddess Sati fell right here.

In ancient times, this area was called 'Krauncha Puri', which is why this temple is also referred to as 'Krauncha Peetham' in South India. According to the residents, it is stated that Kalabhairav ??also always resides here to guard the Shaktipeeth.

Importance of Chamundeshwari Temple

The temple is a good instance of Dravidian structure. The statue of the Goddess installed in the main sanctum sanctorum is made of pure gold. The temple constructing is seven storeys with a total height of 40 meters.

There may be also a small Shiva temple devoted to Mahabaleshwar behind the main temple which is more than 1000 years previous. A panoramic view of Mysore is seen from the top of the mountain.

People right here believe that the people of town of Mysore have a special kindness to their mother Chamunda. With his blessings, town of Mysore is moving forward on the path of progress every century. In the tableau to be taken on the occasion of Dussehra of Mysore, the replica of mom Chamunda is placed on the palanquin instead of the king.

Like other temples of the south, Chamundeshwari temple has a coupon available for special darshan along with general darshan. Thousands of devotees arrive from all over the nation daily to see Chamunda Devi.

By the way in which, during the Navratri, the temple is extra crowded. Accommodation is available in Dharamshala for the comfort of devotees on Chamunda Hill. Here the grain space is also operated the place you can get food.

How to reach Chamundeshwari temple

Railroad track
Bangalore railway station is linked to all major cities. Many trains run between Bangalore to Mysore. The Shatabdi Express connects Mysore to Chennai.

Buses of Karnataka Highway Transport Corporation and Transport Corporation of neighboring states and private transport companies ply between Mysore to various states. The nearest airport is Bangalore (139 km). There are flights to all main cities from here.

Story related to Chamundeshwari temple

According to a legend, Mahishasura had the blessing of Brahmaji that he could be killed solely by a lady. Apart from this, nothing else may spoil it. After receiving the groom, Mahishasura started torturing the gods and sages.

Sad gods worshiped Mahashakti Bhagwati to get rid of Mahishasura. Happy with the prayers of the Goddess, Goddess Bhagwati assured him of liberation from the atrocities of Mahishasura.

This was adopted by a fierce battle between Goddess Bhagwati and Mahishasura. Devi slaughtered all the Asuri military and finally cut Mahishasura's head. Chamunda was named on this form of Devi.

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