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2023 Thaipusam Festival Piercings Rituals and Story - Thaipusam 2023

Thaipusam Festival Piercings Rituals and Story, Thaipusam Celebration Story
Thaipusam is known for worshippers who pierce their faces and bodies. But what is it really all about? It is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community.  Remember the victory by destroying evil by lord Subramanya also known as  Lord Murugan. lord Murugan represents virtual, youth, and power to Hindus and is the destroyer of evil. celebrated with honor it is a procession by devotees who worship, seek blessings, fulfilling vows, and offer thanks. Thai which falls between January to February where star Pusam is at its topmost point.

Why is Thaipusam celebrated?

Thaipusam is more commonly known as the festival in Malaysia where Indians climb Batu caves. it is actually celebrated to honor the day Goddess Parvati gave her son Lord Murugan a divine spear the vel to destroy the evil demon Surapadman.

How is it celebrated?

The most fascinating thing about Thypusam In Selangor, is the 14 km pilgrimage walk that devotees make while carrying various offerings to be presented to Lord Murugan. those offerings right the ones you see people carrying on the heads and shoulder they call kavadis. Kavadis are carried as an act of gratitude, Penance or you know for wishes to be granted it could be for healing, education, or babies even you know for like couples who are struggling to have kids.

What are Kavadia?

Comedy is basically a form of physical burden that devotees carry during Thaipusamand the simplest form of Kavadi is usually a wooden arch that decorated with images of Lord Murugan, peacock feathers, flowers. other forms of Kavadi are paal and paneer kavadi. Pal Kavadi is basically a pot of milk and paneer kavadi is a pot filled with sanctified water. these will be used for prayers once the devotees reach the temple.

Why do people Pierce their bodies?

The reason for its pretty much the same penance, wishes, gratitude. but you know what initially devotees would just pierce their thumb with like a small ‘Vel’ to keep silent and focus on the worship. But in the past few decades, things have kind of evolved and changed. so now you can see people with hooks on their backs where there are weights attached to it so it could be like pots of milk holy, ash, lime.  Also, people say this devotees right when they get their skin and like body perce right under a State of Trance. They hardly feel any pain they don't really bleed much nor does it leave any scarring.

Rites and sacrifices

The most famous kind of penance is that the conveying of the kavadi which proposes "penance at each progression". it's the kavadi that recognizes the celebration of Thaipusam. Legend has it that Iduban, an admirer of Lord Subramaniam, conveyed a contribution that so satisfied him that he gave his kin karma. The weight conveyed by Iduban has gone down inside such a  kavadi.

Devotees convey the kavadis to welcome pardoning, keep a promise or offer on account of Lord Subramaniam. The imagery of carrying the kavadi starts from a fantasy where the kavadi speaks to a mountain with Lord Subramaniam. The little, semi-round kavadi might be a steel or D-formed wooden casing with bars for help on the shoulders, typically beautified with flowers and peacock feathers.

Different kinds of penance include piercing silver pins through the cheek and tongue and pricking the body with hooks and spear-like needles. The penetrating of tissue regarding conveying kavadi is integral to Thaipusam on the grounds that the ritual is known in Singapore.

It's firmly identified with the Hindu ideas of convention virtue and contamination. A kavadi bearer can have upwards of 100 spears penetrating his tissue, however evidently loses little blood, supported by confidence during a trancelike state. The devotees who will play out the penance are generally required to watch strictly physical and mental control. All through the tenth month of Thai, refinement of the body might be a need. This incorporates taking just a single vegan feast every day, and sexual restraint. also, a 24-hour fast is taken just before Thaipusam.

Most young ladies lovers convey a pot of milk called a palkuddam. The milk is poured over the sculpture of Lord Subramaniam overhead of the ownership. those that take an interest are normally people who have approached the god for some help. Consequently, they promise to experience the custom trial of physical and great preservation. besides those that go to the sanctuaries on Thaipusam day to satisfy their promises and to attempt to punish, there are other people who go with their families to appeal and to chase supernatural comfort.

Thaipusam  Rituals: Method of Celebration

  • Participants wear yellow and orange colors dress
  • Fowers and peacock feathers are used to decorate during the celebration 
  • Pitchers of milk are carried on the top as offerings
  • The tongue and cheeks are pierced by two emblematic sticks to point out that a pilgrim forfeits the endowment of speech a considerable.
  • A lot of the pilgrims quickly shave their heads and walk significant distances to be there.
  • Devotees convey kavadis that pierce or wound their bodies some force heavily sleds joined to their bodies with hooks
  • Before somebody can endure a kavadi they purge themselves for 48 days through abstinence an extraordinary eating routine and nonstop prayers.
  • During this point, they need to wash only with cold water. Some people also prefer to sleep on the ground.
  • People climb approx 272 steps to the Hindu shrine inside the batu cave.

Thaipusam Katha: Story of Thaipusam

This festival was (according to at least one tradition) said to possess been supposedly created during one among the conflicts between the Asuras (or to be more specific Soorapadman) and therefore the Devas. At one point, many times the latter were defeated by the previous. Asura forces aggression was no resisted by the devas. They approached Siva and requested shiva to offer an able leader to obtain victory from asuras.

For this, they prayed and surrendered themselves to shiva. Shiva accepted their request and created a fighter, Skanda, own potential Achintya Shakti. he assumed the leadership of the astronomical forces which inspired them and the forces of the asura were defeated. so, the people created the Thaipusam festival. morgan is the symbol of shiva light and victory. where devotees pray to beat the evils they tackle. The reason of celebrating Thaipusam is to destroy the bad traits and get victory over evils.

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