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2023 Ravidas Jayanti: Significance and Importance of Ravidas Jayanti

Ravidas Jayanti: Know The Significance and Importance of Ravidas Jayanti

When is Ravidas Jayanti Celebrated?

Ravidas Jayanti is held on the full moon day in the month of Magh. It is an annual festival for the Ravidassia community. Particular programs are organized in Varanasi at his birthplace 'Sri Guru Ravidas Janam Asthan'. Where devotees of Ravidas Ji attain there in lakhs.

Guru Ravidas Biography, Historical past

Nagar Kirtan is organized from place to place by the Sikh community. Particular Aarti is performed. Ravidas Ji's songs are sung within the temple, gurudwara. Some followers take a shower within the holy river on this present day, after which worship the picture or statue of Ravidas. The aim of celebrating Ravidas Jayanti is to remember the teachings of Guru Ravidas Ji, the brotherhood given by him, and the world can adopt the educational of peace once again.

Guru Ravidas Ji was an excellent saint, philosopher, poet, social reformer, and follower of God in India in the 15th-16th century. He was a really well-known saint of the Nirguna sect, who led the Bhakti movement in northern India. Ravidas Ji was an excellent poet, through his creations, he gave non secular and social messages to his followers, society and many individuals of the nation. In Ravidas Ji's writings, he had a glimpse of affection for God, he used to tell others about his love for God through his works, and requested them to join him. The common people considered him as the Messiah, as a result of he had done nice things to meet social and spiritual needs. Many people worshiped him like a god, and still worship him.

Guru Ravidas ji was born in Seer Gobardhangaon close to Varanasi. His mom was Kalsa Devi and father Santokh Das ji. Everybody has their very own opinion on the birth of Ravidas ji, some people imagine that he was born around 1376-77, some say 1399 CE. In response to some documents, Ravidas ji spent his life in the earth between 1450 and 1520. His birthplace is now known as ‘Sri Guru Ravidas Birth Place’.

Ravidas Ji's father was a sarpanch in the Raja Nagar state. He used to make and improve footwear. Ravidas Ji's father used to make leather-based from the dead animal's pores and skin after which make his sandal.

Ravidas Ji was very courageous and adored God since childhood. Ravidas ji had suffered from an inferiority complex of high clans since childhood, they used to all the time understand that this child isn't of high clan. Ravidas Ji used his pen to change the society, he used to explain to folks about life by way of his creations. Educating people that a person should love his neighbor as himself with none discrimination.

Ravidas Das's Nature

Ravidas ji also prevented his caste from moving forward. Shudras used to stop Ravidas Ji from making use of tilak, wearing clothes, and janeu like Brahman. Guru Ravidas Ji used to deny all these items, and used to say that all human beings have equal rights on the earth, they will do whatever they need.

He began doing all the things that were considered for the lower caste, like wearing janeu, dhoti, applying tilak, and so on. The Brahmin folks have been strongly against their actions. These people had complained to the king there against Ravidas Ji. Ravidas Ji used to answer this with nice love and comfort to all Brahmin people. He said in front of the king that Shudra also has red blood, heart, he has the identical rights as the rest.

Ravidas ji ripped his chest in front of everybody in a full meeting and made it like gold, silver, copper, and cotton for 4 ages, like Satyuga, Treta, Dwapara, and Kaliyuga. All of the folks present there, together with the king, have been very embarrassed and amazed and touched Guruji by touching his feet.

The king deeply regretted his childish act, he apologized to the Guru. Saint Ravidas Ji forgave everybody and mentioned that nobody will get God by wearing janeu. He mentioned that solely you all folks have been concerned about this exercise to indicate actuality and fact. He took off the thread and gave it to the king, and after this, he by no means wore any thread or utilized tilak.

Sant Ravidas life historical past 

As Ravidas Ji grows older, his devotion to Lord Rama's form increases. He all the time used the words Ram, Raghunath, Rajaram Chandra, Krishna, Hari, Govind and so on., which gave proof of his religiousness.

Ravidas Ji was the religious guru of Meera Bai. Meera Bai was the daughter of the king of Rajasthan and the queen of Chittor. She was very a lot influenced by Ravidas Ji's schooling and he or she turned a great follower of him.' Meera Bai was the one baby of her mother and father, after her mother's death, her grandfather 'Duda ji' gave her Was dealt with Duda Ji was an excellent follower of Ravidas ji, Meera Bai along with her grandfather always used to meet Ravidas Ji.

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