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2023 Parshuram Jayanti Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Parshuram Jayanti 2023

Parshuram Jayanti Puja Vidhi and Parshuram Jayanti Vrat Katha

Parshuram is believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Parshuram's birth anniversary is celebrated on Tritiya of Shukla Paksha of Baisakh month. On this day, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya is also celebrated with pomp. This time due to the nationwide lockdown, there is an appeal on social media that Lord Parshuram's birth anniversary should be celebrated as Deepotsav. Bathing in the Ganges has special significance on special festivals in Hinduism.

Therefore, the tradition of bathing in Ganga is also continuing on Parashuram Jayanti. But this time it will not be possible for people to bathe in the Ganges, then they can attain this virtue by mixing Ganga water in the bathwater at home. Lord Parashurama is such an incarnation of Vishnu who is claimed to be Chiranjeevi and Hanumanji like Ashwatthama is current on the bodily earth.

After all, who is Lord Parashuram ?

Lord Parshuram's birth anniversary is celebrated with pomp across the country, but this time due to the corona lockdown, Lord Parshuram will be worshiped at home. Lord Parashurama is the grandson of sage Ritchik and son of Jamadagni. his mother name is Renuka.

Due to the influence of Havishya, despite being a Brahmin son, he became Kshatrakarma. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Shankar. Lord Shankar Ji gave Parashurama an unfathomable weapon. His real name was Rama, but he became famous by the name of Parashurama, due to wearing a ransom in his hand. He was an ardent devotee of his father, he had beheaded his mother on the orders of the father, but again with the blessings of the father, the mother's position remained unchanged.

Parshuram's pilgrimage

There was a Kamadhenu Gau in the ashram of his father Sreejamdagni, seeing Kartaviryaarjuna whose supernatural majestic power, Kartaviryaarjuna started to persecute him to obtain it. Finally he used force to acquire Gau and brought him to Mahishmati. But when Parashuram ji came to know  this, he destroyed Kartavirya Rajun and all his army. On which Father Sreejamadagni, describing the killing of this Chakravarti Emperor of Parasurama ji, like killing a Brahmin, ordered him to take a pilgrimage. He went on a pilgrimage, and the parents blessed him when he returned.

Had donated the entire earth

On the other hand, with the killing of Sahastrajun, the fire of vengeance was burning in the hearts of his sons. One day, taking the opportunity, he came to the ashram in disguise and cut off the head of Jamadagni and escaped with him. When Parshuram ji came to know this news, he got furious in anger and vowed to make the earth inferior to the Kshatriyas and wandered the earth for 21 times and made the earth free. Then joined the father's head with his torso and performed the funeral rites in Kurukshetra. The ancestors blessed him and with his orders, he donated the entire earth to Prajapati Kashyapji and went to do penance on Mahendrachal.

Parshuram Jayanti Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

  • it is considered auspicious to bathe in holy pilgrimages before sunrise on the day of Parshuram Jayanti or with water from Ganga water in the house. 
  • After bathing, one should wear white clothes washed in worship. 
  • In worship, Lord Vishnu and Pashuram ji should be worshiped by offering sandalwood, basil leaves, kumkum, incense sticks, flowers and sweets. 
  • It is said that observing a fast on the day of Parashurama Jayanti leads to the attainment of a perfect and total savior son. 
  • Only milk should be consumed during this day's fast.

Parshuram Jayanti Katha: Story of Parshuram Jayanti 

Story of Parashuram Jayanti According to the Hindu calendar, on the third day (Tritiya) during Shukla Paksha, Parashuram Jayanti is the month of Vaishakh which falls in the month of April or sometime in May. According to the scriptures and Hindu mythology, there are two episodes related to the birth of Lord Parashurama.

According to Harivamsa Purana, Kartavirya was a king named Arjuna who ruled over Mahishmati Nagari. King Kartavirya and many of his other Kshatriya king friends were involved in destructive actions and used to persecute the weak without any reason.

Their incest and atrocities made it difficult for other creatures to live. At this, Mother Earth sought help from Lord Vishnu to protect the earth and living beings from the cruelty of Kshatriyas. To help Mother Earth, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Parashurama as the son of Goddess Renuka and sage Jamadagni. Lord Parshuram killed Kartavirya Arjuna and all the untouchable Kshatriya kings with his ax and freed Mother Earth from their violence and cruelty.

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