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Masik Karthigai Vrat Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Know the significance and Importance

Masik Karthigai Vrat Puja Vidhi and Masik Karthigai Vrat Katha

According to Tamil Panchang, today is the masik Karthigai Deepam. This festival is well known every month on Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha. Pradosh Vrat is also observed on this day. However, Pradosh Vrat is well known in North India, whereas the masik Karthigai Deepam is well known in South India.

Especially, people of Tamil community celebrate it with pomp. On today, Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of Jyot. Also, in the evening of Trayodashi, Jyotas are lit in a rowed manner like Deepawali. It's said that worshiping Lord Shiva on this day destroys negative parts of a person's life. While new energy is infused in life.

Masik Karthigai Vrat Significance

That is the festival of light. The lamps lit on today have nice spiritual significance. On today, it's believed that lighting the lamp destroys evil forces and spreads goodness. On today in South India, this festival can also be celebrated like Rakshabandhan or Bhaiya Dooj among siblings. On today, Bahan needs her brother and praises God for her.

Masik Karthigai Deepam Puja Vidhi

According to Tamil religious texts, once in a long time, a dispute arose over the superiority between Lord Brahma and Vishnu. At that time Lord Shiva transformed himself into a divine light to settle the dispute. There's a regulation to celebrate this festival from time to time.

 Lasts for 3 days. Pay attention to the instructions given below to worship properly.

• Every year there's a rule to buy a new candle in worship. To follow this rule, you can buy new candles. When purchasing candles, take care that it is not broken.
• Clean the house and household items well before the day of worship. All of the household items that can be washed, wash and purify them so that the house can be pure.
• Light 5 to 7 lamps on the night of worship. Make a nice Rangoli at the door of the home. After this, burn the lamp only by taking it out of the house, because there's such a belief. Lamp should not be taken out from home.
• After this, sitting in front of the Gods and Goddesses of the house. Dedicate preparations etc. made in front of them. After this, lit the sun lamp and offer prayers.
• After this, sincerely pray for your siblings and all the family Mangal. After this, perform Aarti.
• After the Aarti is complete, take blessings of all the elders of the house and distribute the prasad among all.

On this method, this worship is duly completed with reverence. By performing this puja with the help of legislation, troubles of life come to an end. This puja is associated with Adi Shakti Shiva, so this puja is done to please Lord Shiva. This puja can also be done in small form every month.

Masik Karthigai Vrat Katha

Many stories, myths and poems have been written on the six Nakshatras. These six constellations are the six celestial goddesses according to Hindu myth, who brought up six infants and together appeared as the god of six faces.

Therefore they're known as Kartikeya. He is called Kartikeya, the second son of Lord Shiva. According to myths, Lord Shiva has created Muruga with his third eye. The names of these six constellations are Tattpurusham, Aghoram, Sadyojatam, Vamdevan, Isanam, and Adhomukham. Lord Muruga is known by these sixteen names.

Due to this fact, worship of any one of these sixteen constellations is as effective as the worship of Lord Muruga. They're worshiped by lighting a lamp in a row. On the day of this puja, devotees light a lamp in the courtyard. It is usually known as Karthigai Deepam or the birth anniversary of Lord Muruga.

It's believed that on this day Lord Shiva appeared in front of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma as an endless lamp. The reason for this incarnation of Shiva was to choose the best of the two gods. Both Lord Brahma and Vishnu had differences over who among them was the perfect. To decide this difference, Lord Shiva took the form of Anant Deep Shikha and said to those two gods, that you have to find the beginning and end of this Deep Shikha i.e. Lord Shiva's head and his feet.

In this quest, both gods were removed, but Lord Vishnu returned soon and he accepted that he could not find any beginning or end to it. After this, Lord Brahma came. He said that he had got to see Lord Shiva's head, but this was a lie and Lord Shiva understood it. Ultimately, Lord Shiva told him that neither a temple of Lord Brahma will be built on earth nor will he be worshiped in any method. On this method, Lord Vishnu proved superior to Brahma. On today people worship Lord Shiva and later on this day started to be celebrated as Kartikeya Maha Deepam.

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