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2023 Magh Bihu or Bhogali Celebration Story - Magh Bihu 2023

Assam celebrates the Makar Sankranti as it named as Magh Bihu. The festival of Bihu is in three forms to suggest changes within the season, and Magh Bihu is that the primary one to be celebrated once a year. It marks the top of the harvest season, with fresh crops produce coming to the stores and houses of farmers. It is, thus, a time of celebration and feasting, to offer thanks for the great harvest reaped. Magh Bihu isn’t just celebrated within the agricultural pockets, though. it's celebrated everywhere in Assam, from the littlest villages to the most important cities. Within Assam itself, the precise rituals can vary.
Magh Bihu Puja Vidhi & Katha or Bhogali Puja Vidhi & Katha
The festival is additionally called Bhogali Bihu, which roughly translates to the festival of food, in regard to the produce harvested. It marks the shift from winter to spring, and therefore the night before is named Uruka.  On Magh Bihu festival itself, bonfires called ‘Mejis’ are lit, made up of the wood, bamboo, and hay wont to build the temporary pavilions for the community feast the previous night.

After watching the bonfire, people sit down and eat traditional Assamese food. In some places, bullfights and other competitions also are held. Some like better to spend the festival reception with family and friends. within the evening, dance and music performances are organized to mark the festival’s end. Thanks to the country's culture and variety, an equivalent festival is widely known with different names. Magh Bihu is widely known on 14 January.

Today people rise up early within the morning, clean their houses and wear new clothes. The people of Assam collect their cow's stems and wood and set fire there to and burn their old clothes in it. After this, they worship their animals, farms, and mother earth. Consistent with Hindu Mythology, some iron also worship Lord Indra and need for rain and weather, in order that his crops are good.

This Dish is Made

On the evening of the Bihu festival, all the family members gather and make a variety of dishes from rice, vegetables, and meats. People make the most beloved Pitha. People in Pitha also make Sugna Pitha, Sesame Pitha, Sesame-Gur-Coconut Laddus sweets, which are known by the name Laru. Bihu festival is celebrated for about a week. During this time, family members, neighbors, and friends congratulate each other and perform a traditional dance around the fire. Play traditional games.

This is Tradition

Also according to other traditions, some young boys in the village make temporary huts from mud and wood, known as 'Mejis'. In Mejis, when the whole family is temporarily shifted, it is called 'Belaghar'. The family stops at 'Belagher' and guards the Magis. Family and community people perform cultural programs overnight. In the morning people get out of their 'belaghar' and take a bath in the river and burn their hostis. When the 'Mejis' burns, the burned wood collects the pieces and ashes and puts them in their fields. Crops are believed to be very good by doing this.

Magh Bihu Celebration: Method of Celebration Magh Bihu

  • Fruits are prepared from grains prepared from the new crop. 
  • First, these dishes are offered to God. Apart from Magh Bihu, Bohag Bihu and Kongali Bihu are also celebrated. Bihu festival is celebrated when the new crop is ready. 
  • Apart from preparing a lot of dishes, people sing, dance. Wear traditional clothes. 
  • Taking a bath with raw turmeric and urad dal paste. 
  • Wears new clothes Let's take the blessings of the elders. 
  • People like to eat rice, jaggery, and curd in the morning.
  • Also, Give each other a gift Eat curd and jaggery with rice for breakfast.

Magh Bihu Katha: Story of Magh Bihu

It is believed that on this day, a woman named 'Bardachilla' comes to her home on the occasion of Bihu.  Nature takes such a seductive form in the joy of her arrival.  Nature takes such a seductive form in the joy of her arrival.  A few days later, when this woman went to the in-laws Bapas.  So strong winds start blowing.  Children listen to this story very deeply.  As soon as the spring season comes, the farmers start preparing for their fields.

All family members work together.  The farmers dance happily with the first spray from the sky.  The residents of Assam celebrate this festival for many days. Magh Bihu may be a harvest festival. This festival marks the ending of the winter season where other people celebrate this festival as welcoming of the summer season from the arrival of this festival.

The fiesta Magh Bihu is dedicated to the God of fire, Agni. And on this festival people praising the Lord Agni, wherein most of the states in India, the festival Makar Sankranti, an alternate festival of Magh Bihu. where they mainly worship the Lord Sun.

On the festival of Magh Bihu, people dance and sing all night. Group dances are performed by drawing a circle.  The folk songs that they sing have a predominance of Shringar Ras.  Their musical instruments are Dhol, Pepa (Baja made of buffalo horn), Gagna, Taka (Baja made of bamboo), Taal, Sarangi, etc.  A special type of 'Hussori dance' is performed on this occasion].  In which the main dancers live in the middle and many people surround them and dance. All young and old are involved in this dance.

Various sports are also organized on the occasion of Magh Bihu.  These people play a special type of game, called Kanijuz '.  'Kani' means 'egg' and 'juj' means 'fight'.  Two men participate in this game.  They have eggs in their hands.  They attack eggs caught in each other's hands.  Apart from this, a game similar to Kabadoodi is 'How' and 'Ghope'. A ball game is also played and the women play with rings and chess.

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