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2023 Kartik Purnima Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Kartik Purnima 2023

Kartik Purnima Puja Vidhi and Kartik Purnima Vrat Katha
Of all the full moon days in the year, Kartik Purnima day is considered to be the most auspicious. Bathing the Ganges has special significance on this day, and this time a special combination of bathing is being made in Sarvadhi Siddhi Yoga. The day of Kartik Purnima is also celebrated as Dev Diwali. On this day, where Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura, then the first Matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu was also born. Performing a lamp-donation after Ganga Snan on the day of Kartik Purnima achieves virtue similar to ten yagyas.

Importance of Kartik Purnima

The significance of Kartik Purnima is very much not only for Vaishnavites but also for Smarta i.e. ordinary believers. Kartik Purnima is also called as Tripuri Purnima. Chaturmas ends on the day of Kartik Purnima. With this, the fast of the Vaishnavites of Chaturmas is also concluded. This day is also called Dev Deepavali. It is believed that bathing the Ganges on this day yields the virtue of bathing the Ganges throughout the year.

Kartik Purnima Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

• Lord Vishnu is worshiped by observing a fast on the day of Kartik Purnima.
• On this day, in the morning, taking a vow to take a vow and take a bath in a river or pond. If this is not possible, then take bath by mixing Ganga water in the bathwater at home.
• During this fast food is not taken all day.
• On this day, bathe the idol of Lord Vishnu with saffron milk and worship Shodashopchar and recite Vishnu Sahasranama.
• Must listen to the story of Lord Kartik Purnima and Satyanarayana.
• Offer lamp on Tulsi Ji plant and Light a lamp in and outside the house and donate cow, milk, banana, Kaju, guava, rice, sesame, and amla.
• On the day of Kartik Purnima, mix raw milk in water in the evening and offer Arghya to the moon.
• On this day Vrati water, milk and honey should be offered to the Peepal tree and lamps should also be lit, because on this day Peepal tree is believed to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi.

Kartik Purnima Vrat Katha: Story of Kartik Purnima

According to the legend, there was a demon named Tarakasura. He had three sons - Tarakaksha, Kamalaksha, and Vidyunmali… Kartikeya, the elder son of Lord Shiva killed Tarakasura. The three sons were very sad to hear the news of their father's murder. The three together did austerity to seek a boon from Brahmaji. Brahmaji was pleased with the penance of the three and said that what demands do you want to ask for a boon. The three asked Brahma Ji a boon to be immortal, but Brahmaji asked him to ask for a different boon than this.

The three together thought once more and this time requested Brahma Ji to assemble three separate cities through which all may sit and roam the entire earth and sky. After a thousand years when we meet and the cities of the three of us turn out to be united and the god who has the power to destroy all of the three cities with one arrow is the reason for our loss of life, Brahma Ji gave him this boon.

All three have been very pleased to obtain the boon on the behest of Brahma Ji Maya Danava built three cities for him the town was made from gold for tarakaksha silver for Kamala and iron for vidyunmali the three collectively took possession of all of the three worlds. The gods of Indra have been frightened by these three demons and went to the shelter of Lord Shankar listening to Indra lord shiva constructed a divine chariot to destroy these demons every little thing in this divine chariot was made from deities. Wheels made of moon and sun. Indra, Varuna, Yama, and Kubera became the chariots of the chariot. The Himalayas became the bow and the Sheshnag became the Pratyancha.

Lord Shiva himself became an arrow and Agni Dev became the tip of the arrow. Lord Shiva himself rode on this divine chariot this chariot made from gods and a fierce war happened between the three brothers as quickly as these three chariots got here in a straight line lord shiva left the arrow and destroyed all three.  After this slaughter lord shiva came to be referred to as tripurari this slaughter occurred on the full moon of Kartik month, therefore, this present day came to be generally known as Tripuri Purnima

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