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2022 Dhanu Sankranti: Significance and Importance of Dhanu Sankranti

Dhanu Sankranti: Know The Significance and Importance of Dhanu Sankranti

According to astrology, the Sun's enter into any zodiac sign known as Sankranti, and when the Sun enters Sagittarius, it's known as Dhanu Sankranti. The month of Paush known as Dhanu Sankranti.

It's mentioned that on this day, the Solar enters the Sagittarius sign after exiting Scorpio. Dhanu Sankranti is celebrated at the beginning of the Hemant season. Because of this, there will be no auspicious work for a month.

Dhanu Sankranti Rituals and Celebrations

On this present day, Lord Jagannath is worshipped along with Lord Sun, especially in Orissa. Particular Prasad is ready on this present day, which includes sweetened rice flakes in a conical form to offer the Lord Jagganath during the puja ceremony.

The "Bow Ceremony" is depicted in a street play as mentioned within the Bhagwad Purana. Devotees visit Lord Jagganath temple and Solar temple to pay their respect. Other than charity, one should involve in Sankraman Japam, holy water bath, and Pitru Tarpan.

Avoid doing these tasks on Dhanu Sankranti

According to astrological beliefs, auspicious things like marriage and marriage will begin. During Malamas starting from Dhanu Sankranti, one shouldn't do such things as marriage, engagement, Upanayana rites, bridegrooming, home entry, home construction, begin of new business, land mining, yajnopaveet, dvaigraman.

Performing these tasks in Malamas is considered inauspicious. Nevertheless, during this time, non-performing tasks like Bhajan-Kirtan, Puja-recitation will be done.

Don't do these tasks at sunset

On this Kharmas, when Jupiter is set, a long journey, marriage, engagement, Chuda Karma, Mundan and Upanayana rites, planetary starting, planetary entry, temple building, Vidyarambha, Dev prestige, and many others. are considered taboo.

It's in that when the Sun Devguru is in the zodiac signs of Jupiter, the Solar is regular due to being in the zodiac signal of his guru and isn't useful in auspicious works. Therefore, auspicious works are not done in this Kharmas.

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