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2023 Dhanteras Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Dhanteras 2023

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi and Dhanteras Vrat Katha
Krishna Trayodashi of Kartik month known as Dhanteras. This festival provides advance notice of the arrival of Deepawali. Buying new utensils on this present day is taken into account auspicious. On the day of Dhanteras, worship of Lord Yama, the god of death and worship of Lord Dhanvantari is important.

Why is Dhanteras celebrated?

In Indian tradition, health has been considered as a spot above money. This proverb is still prevalent today that 'first happiness is healthy physique, duja happiness is home in Maya', subsequently Dhanteras is given significance first in Diwali. Which is perfectly suitable with Indian tradition.

According to the tales mentioned in the scriptures, Lord Dhanvantari appeared on the day of Kartik Krishna Trayodashi through the Samudra Manthan, carrying nectar Kalash in his hands. It is believed that Lord Dhanvantari is a part of Vishnu. Lord Vishnu incarnated Dhanvantari for the growth and unfold of medical science in the world. The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated to commemorate the looks of Lord Dhanvantari.

What we do on the day of Dhanteras -

  • On the day of Dhanteras, shopping for silver and different metals in any kind based on your capability is very auspicious.
  • To get wealth offer a lamp on the place of worship for the deity Kubera and offer the lamp on the first gate for the lack of life god yamraj
  • Listen Legendary and genuine story of dhanteras
  • There's a story associated to dhanteras that lord Vishnu broke an eye fixed of shukracharya the guru of asuras attributable to obstructing the work of the gods on the day of Kartik Krishna trayodashi

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

  • Dhanteras should be worshiped during Pradoshka on Kartik Krishna Trayodashi. 
  •  On this day, Lord Dhanvantari should be worshiped along with Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera, the god of wealth, with complete rituals.
  •  It is believed that on this day worshiping Lakshmi Ji during Pradoshkal, she stays at home. 
  • Along with this, there is also a law to worship Yama, the god of death on this day. 
  • The fear of premature death ends by giving a lamp to Yamraj at the door of the house.

Dhanteras Vrat Katha: Story Of Dhanteras

The story of Dhanteras: At one time Lord Vishnu was coming to roam in the dead land, Lakshmi Ji also requested to follow along. Vishnu Ji said- 'If I agree with what I say, then come on.' Lakshmi Ji accepted and Lord Vishnu, along with Lakshmi Ji came to the ground. After some time Lord Vishnu said to Lakshmi - 'Until I come, you stay here. I am going towards the south, don't look there. '

After Vishnu's departure, Lakshmi was born curious about what is in the south direction which I have been denied, and why God himself went to the south, there is definitely a mystery. Laxmi Ji could not stay, as soon as God caught the path, Laxmi also followed. A mustard field appeared a short distance away. He was very bloated. She went there only. She was enchanted by the beauty of the mustard and plucked her flowers and adorned her and went ahead. Next to the sugarcane (reed) field stood. Lakshmi took four sugarcane and started sucking juice.

At that moment Vishnu Ji came and looking at Laxmi Ji was angry and cursed - 'I did not forbid you to come here, but you did not listen and she committed the crime of stealing the farmer. Now you serve that farmer as a punishment for this crime for 12 years. ' Saying this, God left them and went to Kshirsagar. Lakshmi started living in the house of the farmer. That farmer was very poor. Laxmiji said to the wife of the farmer- 'You should bathe and worship this goddess Lakshmi, then cook the kitchen, you will get what you ask for.' The farmer's wife did as per Lakshmi's orders.

Due to the effect of worship and the blessings of Lakshmi, the farmer's house was filled with food, money, gems, gold, etc. from the second day onwards and began to glow with Lakshmi. Lakshmi completed the farmer with money. The farmer's 12 years were cut with great joy. After that, after 12 years, Laxmiji agreed to go. When Vishnu came to take Laxmiji, the farmer refused to send him. Lakshmi too was not ready to go from there without the wishes of the farmer. Then Vishnu Ji made a clever move. On the day Vishnuji came to take Lakshmi, there was a Varuni festival. Therefore, while explaining the importance of Varuni festival to the farmer, God said- 'You, along with the family, go and bathe in the Ganges and leave these cowries in the water too. I will not take Lakshmi till you return. '

Laxmiji gave the farmer four cowries of Ganga. The farmer did the same. He went to the family to take a bath in the Ganges. As soon as he put the clams in the Ganges, four hands came out of the Ganges and took the clams. The farmer then wondered whether she was a goddess. Then the farmer asked Gangaji - 'Mother! Whose are these four arms? ' Gangaji said- 'O farmer! Those four hands were all mine. Whose shells you have given, whose are they given? ' The farmer said- 'The woman who has come to my house, she has given it.' On this, Gangaji said- 'The woman who has come to your house is a true Lakshmi and the man is Lord Vishnu. Don't let Lakshmi go, otherwise you will become poor again. ' Hearing this, the farmer returned home. Lord Lakshmi and Vishnu were sitting there ready to go. The farmer grabbed Laxmiji's lap and said- 'I will not let you go. Then God said to the farmer- 'Who lets them go, but they are fickle, they do not stay anywhere, they could not stop them very big.

He was cursed by me, who was serving you for 12 years. Your 12 years of service are over. The farmer stubbornly said- 'No, I will not let Laxmiji go now. Take some other woman from here. Then Laxmiji said - 'O farmer! If you want to stop me then do what I say. Tomorrow is thirteen, I will celebrate Dhanteras for you. You must clean the house tomorrow by leaping. Keep the lamp of ghee in the night and worship me in the evening and keep the money in a copper vase for me, I will reside in that vase. But I will not show you at the time of worship. I will not leave your house for the whole year by worshiping this day. If I want to keep worshiping me every year like this. ' Having said this, she spread in ten directions with the light of lamps and God remained in sight.

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