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2024 Amalaki Ekadashi Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha

Amalaki Ekadashi Puja Vidhi and Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Based on Hindu methodology in Phalgun month of Krishna Shukla Paksha  Amalaki Ekadashi is celebrated.  Between the month of February or March, it is celebrated. Its significance increases much more before Holi When you have the special grace of Lord Vishnu, you may please them with special worship methodology.

Amalaki Ekadashi Puja Vidhi

  • A day before Amalaki Ekadashi, that's, Dashami should sleep at night whereas meditating on Lord Vishnu.
  • On the day of Ekadashi, first of all, finish from daily work and put on clean clothes.
  • Now, in front of the statue of Vishnu in the temple of the home, take a sesame, kush, mudra, and water in hand and resolve the fast.
  • Taking a vow, say in this way, "I keep a fast of Amalaki Ekadashi with the blessings of Lord Vishnu and wishing for salvation. To fulfill this fast successfully, Shri Hari keeps me in my refuge.
  • Now worship Shri Hari Vishnu by law.
  • First of all, bathe the statue of Vishnu and wipe and put on clothes.
  • Now offer Pushpak, Ritu fruits, and Basil Dal.
  • Apply Shrikhand sandalwood paste on the urn and put on clothes.
  • Now set up the idol of Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Shri Vishnu on the Kalash and worship duly.
  • In the evening worship lord  Vishnu Ji and take some fruits.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu while doing Bhagavata Katha and Bhajan-Kirtan in the evening.
  • On the next day give food to the Brahmins and giving them a donation.
  • After this, you should also take food yourself and fast on it.

Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat Katha

According to a legend, when this creation was created, Brahma ji was born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. They got interested in who they're and how they originated. To know the answer, he got absorbed in the penance of Lord Vishnu. Pleased along with his penance, Lord Vishnu gave him austerities.

This made Brahma ji emotional and tears came out of his eyes. These tears fell at his feet and it produced a gooseberry tree. Pleased with the penance of Lord Brahma, Vishnu stated that this tree produced by your tears and its fruits will be very dear to me. Lord Vishnu said that from today, whoever observes Amalaki Ekadashi fast and worships Amla tree methodically, all his sins shall be destroyed and his salvation will be attained.

Second story of Amalaki Ekadashi

In ancient times there was a king named Chitrasen. People used to observe Ekadashi fast in his kingdom. Along with the subjects, King Chitrasen used to observe Ekadashi fast. In the future King Chitrasen was hunting in the jungle, while playing, he went far away in the jungle.

There the demons attacked the king, though his attack had no effect on the king. But gradually as the number of demons increased, their attack made the king unconscious and fell to the earth. A divine energy appeared from his body as he fell, which end to all demons. Then that divine energy became invisible.

When King Chitrasen came to his senses, he saw that all the demons were dead. They had been surprised. They had been wondering who helped them and who killed these evildoers. At that time, Akashvani stated that all these demons have been killed because of the effects of Amla Ekadashi fast. King Chitrasen was very pleased to know this. After this incident, the king propagated Amla Ekadashi fast even outside his kingdom.

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