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Masik Rohini Vrat Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Know the significance and importance

Masik Rohini Vrat Puja Vidhi and Masik Rohini Vrat Katha

On the day of Rohini Vrat, the woman observing the fast wake up early in the morning and takes a holy bath. The altar is set up in the puja room with the idol of Bhagavan Vasupujya, one of many twenty 4 Tirtankaras is set up in the altar.

Masik Rohini Vrat Fasting Rules 

The fasting should start on the day of Rohini and stretch until the next star (Margashirsha) rises in the sky. Whereas it depend on the women choice where she how long proceed the fast,the ideal duration is 5 years and 5 months. After the end of the vrat,  the vrat is attended with a proper udyapan.

Masik Rohini Vrat Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

On at the present time, get up in Brahma Muhurta and clean the house. After this, after bathing with water containing Ganges water, carefully retire and take a vow. After this, purify yourself by inviting. Now, first of all, offer water to Sun God. In Jainism, eating at nighttime is prohibited. Therefore, throughout this fast, the fruit should be done before sundown.

Masik Rohini Vrat Advantages 

• The ladies in the Jain households observe Rohini vrat as a means to secure the good health and long life of their husbands.
• Rohini vrat tends to remove poverty and brings prosperity in the homes.
• From this vrat it will help to remove the misunderstandings between couples and promote happiness within the family.

Here is the complete story of Masik Rohini fast

According to the legend regarding Rohini Vrat, King Madhava used to rule along with his queen Lakshmipati in ancient times in a city known as Champapuri. He had 7 sons and 1 daughter named Rohini. Once, the king asked the expert who could be my daughter's groom. So he stated that your daughter will likely be married to Ashok, the prince of Hastinapur.

Listening to this, the king organized a swayamvar through which the woman Rohini put a garland around Prince Ashoka's neck and both of them were married.

At one time Mr. Charan Muniraj came to the forest of Hastinapur city. The king went along with his family members to see him and bowed and received the sermon. After this, the king asked Muniraj, why is my queen so calm?

Then the Guru stated that in this city there was a king named Vastupala and he had a friend named Dhanamitra. That Dhanmitra had a bad woman. Dhanamitra at all times worried about who would marry this girl? Dhanamitra got married to his friend's son Srisena, with agreed for cash, but after suffering a lot of bad odor, he left her in the same month and went someplace.

At the similar time, Amritsen came to the town, performing Muniraj Vihar, Dhanamitra went to worship along with his daughter Durgandha and asked Muniraj in regards to the daughter's future. He instructed that King Bhupal ruled in a city near Mount Girnar. She had a queen named Sindhumati. One day the king, along with the queen, left for Vanakrida, so seeing Muniraj on the way, the king asked the queen to go home and make meals for the muni. The queen left on the king's command, but in anger, she gave Muniraj a bitter tummy diet which caused Muniraja to suffer greatly and immediately gave up his life.

When the king came to find out about this, he drove the queen out of town and this sin caused leprosy in the body of the queen. She suffered from a rage and went to hell, suffering excessive pain and sorrow. After experiencing countless sorrows there, the animal originated in the vagina, and then a bad woman was born in your house.

Listening to this complete account, Dhanamitra asked- tell some fast-legislative spiritual work so that this Pathak is away. Then Swami said- Follow Rohini fast with samyadarshan i.e. on the day the constellation named Rohini came in every month, abandon all 4 types of diet and spend 16 hours with the Dharmadhyan by going to the Chaitra, ie Samayik, Swadhyaya, Dharmachara, Spent time in worship, Abhishek and many others. and donate self-power. On this method, do that fast for 5 years and 5 months.

Durgandha worshiped devoutly and on the end of his life, he died with renunciation and have become the first goddess in heaven. She came from there and became your supreme queen. After this, King Ashoka asked about his future, Swami stated - Being Bhil, you had closely prefixed to Muniraj, so that you died and went to hell, after which wandering in many Kuyonis, took birth in the home of a forester, so extraordinarily disgusted Found the physique, then you fasted Rohini with the teachings of Muniraj. As a result, there was a king named Ashoka, originating in the heavens.

On this method, King Ashoka and Queen Rohini attained salvation by enjoying the happiness of Swargadi beneath the effect of Rohini quickly.

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