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2023 Kali Puja Vidhi and Kali Vrat Katha - Know Kali Puja Rituals


Kali Puja is celebrated on a massive scale in West Bengal, amidst the sound of crackers and fireworks followed by the installation of Kali Mata idol. For the Bengalis, it is hailed as the loud-banging festival where there the entire place resembles a war battleground.
Kali Puja Vidhi and Kali Vrat Katha
The celebration of Kali Puja is to seek the help of the Goddess in destroying negative vibes that exist in our spiritual and materialistic world. Most of the Kali Puja celebrations rejoice on a grander scale at Kali temples in West Bengal. Amongst them are the Dakshineswar temple in Banaras, Kalighat Temple, and Tarapith Temple in Kolkata and Kamakhya Temple in Assam. It is a Tantrik puja performed only at midnight on new moon day (Amavasya) during the Kartik month of October or November.

Who Is Goddess Kali?

Goddess Kali is affectionately known as 'Kali Maa'. She is regarded as the powerful form of Goddess Durga. She is the first of ten avatars and the most apprehensive form (incarnations) of Goddess Durga. If you have seen the picture of 'Goddess Kali', every image of the picture has a mythological story behind it. She is represented as the fiercest features amongst all world deities. Her physical anatomy is different from other Goddesses in the following ways:
Kali Maa has awesome symbols and features
Four arms with a sword in one hand, head of a demon in another hand, and the other two hands to seek her blessings.
Two dead heads as her earrings
String of skulls as necklace
Girdle as her clothing
A protruding tongue from her mouth
Three red eyes
Blackface and breasts sullied with blood.
She stands with one foot on the thigh, and another on her husband's Lord Shiva's chest.
Behind her ferocious complexion, Kali symbolizes different meanings.

Legends of Kali Puja

As the legend goes, the demons, Shambhu and Nishambhu, disturbed the peace of Indra, the king of gods, and his empire (heaven). After extensive and endless battles, the gods lost all hope and the demons became stronger.

The Gods sought protection from Mahamaya Durga, the goddess of Shakti. Here, it is believed that Kali was born from Durga's forehead, to protect the earth from the ferocious demons. Along with Dakini and Jogini, her two escorts, she set on her way to end the war and kill the devils. There was chaos all around. After slaughtering the demons, Kali made a garland of their heads and wore it around her neck. In the bloodbath, she lost control and began killing anyone who came her way. Seeing the endless slaughter, Shiva devised a plan to save the world. He lay down within the path of the rampaging Kali. When the goddess unknowingly stepped on him, she regained her senses. That's why she is regarded as the Goddess of Strength.

Kali Puja Rituals

Kali Puja, is a one-night affair, usually performed at midnight. Devotees stay awake the whole night till the rituals go on till dawn. The rituals of Kali puja are very simple and free from complexities. At some places in Calcutta, pure wine is offered as a religious offering. After the chanting of the mantras, Ma Kali is worshipped amidst the bursting of crackers and display of fireworks. It is said that female goats and cows are sacrificed to please the God.

Diwali Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

1. Take a small table or a Chowki and cover with red clean cloth
2. Now, spread Pancha, Sassa on the sacred Chowki.
3. Then we need kali maa idol or picture on the chowki
4. After placing the idol offer flowers to the idol
5. Then offer the idol for Vogs like fresh fruits and freshwater.
6. Also, add tulsi leaves on each fruit and sweets in the vog.
7. After Doing this lit up all Dhup, Pradip, and candles before idol.
8. Then make white Chandan paste and mark as tilak on the forehead of the idol.
9. Also make red Chandan paste and mark as tilak
10. Now take sindoor with rice and mark it is as before
11. Now offer honey, ghee, haritaki, sidhi on the god stage
12. Now make three-set of flower, betel leaves, durba
13. And offer them one by one as puspanjali on the idol stage by chanting mantra
14. Now lit up Pradip, dhuna, and perform the aarti.
15. After aarti Blow the Shankha
16. At least do Pranam and wish for wellness ( by chanting mantras)

Kali Puja Katha: Story of Kali Puja

It is a matter of ancient times, after the entire world was inundated, Lord Vishnu was in Yojanidra on the bed of Sheshnag. At the same time, suddenly, two mighty Asuras named Madhu and Kaitabha were born from the ear of Lord Vishnu.

These two asuras started trying to kill Lord Brahma to eat Brahma ji, sitting on a lotus flower, originating from the navel of Lord Vishnu. When Brahma saw that the two Asuras were attacking him, he praised Adishakti for his protection and sought his help.

Maa Adisakti, for the slaughter of those two asuras, descended on the Dwadashi of Falgun Shukla as Maa Mahakali. At the same moment, Lord Vishnu also wakes up from Yoganidra and sees the demons named Madhu and Kaitabh in front of him, then both of them start fighting with the Asuras. For five thousand years, this fierce battle goes on. But God failed to defeat them because mother Adishakti gave the wish of death to both the asuras. Therefore Lord Vishnu praised Maa Mahakali.
Then the Mother Goddess pleased and offered Lord Vishnu the end of the two Asuras.
 The two Asuras get confused by being influenced by the influence of the mother's Maya. Both of them say to the confused Asura Lord Vishnu that, being pleased with the war, we want to give you the bride. Therefore, you can ask for brides from us as you wish.

Then Lord Vishnu tells him that if you people are happy with me, then give me the boon that you will die through me. Confused by Maa Mahakali's Maya, both of them give this boon to Asura, Lord Vishnu, that we will die by you.
 Subsequently, Lord Vishnu cuts the foreheads of both the Asuras from the Sudarshan Chakra. After her death, Mother Mahakali goes to the Himalayas for rest. After some time, two demon brothers Shumbha-Nishumbha arrive from Hades. Who challenges Goddess Maa Adishakti to battle for her suzerainty on earth They send Asura bloods to fight with mother.

Asura Raktabeej had the blessing from Brahma ji that wherever the drops of his blood fall, the more Asur blood reds will be produced. As a result of the boon, Mother Adishakti used to attack the blood seeds whenever. At the same time, many blood seeds were produced from drop by drop of blood from the wound of blood seed. Seeing this, Mother Adishakti, Goddess Mahakali descended there. Maa Mahakali revealed innumerable Yoginis (goddesses) like her there.

After that, Mother Mahakali ordered him not to let every drop of blood of these asuras fall on the earth. Drink all the blood in the trench. Mother Mahakali and other goddesses used to drink the blood of Asuras before it fell on the earth. In this way Maa Mahakali killed Raktabij. After that, the two Asuras come to fight with brothers Shumbha and Nishumbha Mata. Mother killed the two demons and freed the earth from their weight And liberated the gods from their terror.

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