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2023 Bhai Dooj Puja Vidhi and Bhai Dooj Katha - Bhai Dooj 2023


Also known as: Bhai Phota, 'Bhai Tij', 'Bhaiya Phota', 'Bhau-Beej', 'Bhathru Dwithiya', 'Bhatri Ditya' and 'Yamadwitheya'.
Places of merriment: Maharashtra, West Bengal and Bihar
Bhai Dooj Puja Vidhi and Bhai Dooj Vrat Katha


The significant aspect of Indian festivals is a spirit of long-lasting relationships that takes place between near and dear ones. One such festival is 'Bhai Dooj', which is celebrated with religious and emotional sentiments all over the country.

The festive term 'Bhai Dooj' basically comes from two Hindi words 'Bhaiya' meaning brother and 'Dooj' means 'after two days of new moon'.

It is known by different names like 'Bhai Tij', 'Bhaiya Phota', 'Bhau-Beej', 'Bhathru Dwithiya', 'Bhatri Ditya' and 'Yamadwitheya'.


Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated exactly two days after Diwali in the Kartik month of Hindu calendar. The Kartik month usually falls either in the month of October-November.


The Bhai Dooj celebration is said to be based on interesting tales of Indian legends, which tells us the pious bond between a brother and sister. The tales behind Bhai Dooj is based on the following legends:

Lord Yamaraj
Lord Vishnu
Lord Mahavir
Lord Krishna
Amongst all popular legends, the story of the brother-sister relationship is narrated by the tale of Yamaraj and Yami. Yamaraj, the Hindu mythological God of Death, visited his sister Yami or Yamuna home on the auspicious day of Dooj after years of separation.

Yami welcomed with exceptional warmth by smearing tilak on Yamaraj's forehead. She treated him with a delicious meal. By carrying out these rituals, Yamaraj was thrilled by the affection his sister showered on him. Thereafter, he declared that whosoever receives a tika and meal from his sister on Dooj day will never be hurled to hell. Since then this popular custom of Bhai Dooj is popular today throughout India.


Bhai Dooj is a tribute to the brother-sister relationship that is cherished for years together. Especially, when the sister is happily settled into her in-laws home. What makes this day more auspicious is that both brothers and sisters take time out of their humdrum lifestyle to cherish life best moments with each other. In spite of living in this jet-set age of connectivity, the brother-sister duo eagerly await for this day to express their feelings of togetherness and love. Even if they are at poles apart, the festival rejoices in hi-tech rituals like e-puja, e-gifts, and e-cards.


In India, brothers and sisters are dressed up elegantly in rich Indian outfits to express their love and sentiments for each other. Normally, the sisters visit the brothers carrying with them a decorative puja (prayer) thali (rounded silver plate). This thali is decorated with flowers, sweets, coconut and tilak. The rituals normally begin with a prayer at the brightly lit up prayer room in the homes of the brother. The sisters recite a prayer from their holy scriptures or from their hearts to pray for the brother's long-lasting protection and happiness. The sister then smears a tilak (a saffron and vermicelli powder) and rice on her brother's forehead.

After which, a traditional 'Aarti' is performed with a melodious prayers. Sweets and coconut are fed. Thereafter, the brother touches her feet, hugs, and blesses her with a warm hug to express his love and respect. Finally, the rituals end with the brothers showering gifts; rich dry fruits sweets, cash, and other accessories.

Bhai Dooj Vidhi: Method of Bhai Dooj

  • On the day Bhai dooj sisters should tilak on the forehead of her brother for his long life
  • First, you need to take bath after bath you nee to worship lord Ganesh and Vishnu
  • After this offer teelak to brothers forehead
  • According to Skanda Puran, on this day brother should go to sisters house
  • If the sister is not married, the brother should have her hand made food.
  • If you don’t have any own sister you can go, uncle, brother, maternal uncle, etc to have food.
  • With all this brother need to give gift as jewelry, clothes
  • Bathing has special significance in Yamuna Ji.

Bhai Dooj Katha: Story of Bhai Dooj

Once upon a time, long long ago, Surya, the Sun God, was married to a beautiful princess called Sanjna. In the course of a year, she presented him with twins. The twins were christened Yama, and Varni or Yamuna, and that they grew up together. However, Sanjna, after some time,
was unable to touch the brilliance of her husband, then decided to travel back to earth. However,
she left her shadow, Chaya, her exact replica, behind, in order that to Surya, it might appear that she was still there.

 Chaya pretend to be a cruel stepmother and was very unkind to the twins. She soon gave birth to her own children, and then convinced Surya to drive out Sanjna's twins, Yama and Varni from the heavens. Varni fell to earth and turned into the river Yamuna, and Yama visited the underworld (hell) and turned into the Lord of Death.

Many years passed since this incident. Varni married a handsome prince and happy in her life. But she missed her brother and yearned to see him. Yama, too, missed his sister and decided at some point to go to her. Overjoyed by news of her brother's visit, Varni prepared an excellent feast in his honor. It was two days into Diwali, and the home was already decorated with lamps.
She prepared a very delicious feast, with all the sweets that her brother loved a lot. Yama, too, was delighted by his sister's loving welcome, and therefore the brother and sister spent a pleasing evening in each other's company, after their long period of separation. When it had been time for Yama to go away, he turned to his sister and said,

 "Dear Varni, you have welcomed me so lovingly. But I did not bring you a gift. Ask, therefore, for something and it'll be yours. Your visit is gift enough," replied Varni lovingly. There is no need for money but Yama said that she needs a present and he instated.

"Okay," agreed Varni, taking a moment to think. I query with every brother should mee their sister on this day where is pray happiness and a healthy life
"So be it!" proclaimed Yama, "And I grant all brothers who give their sisters a loving gift on this day a long and healthy life!"

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