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The Unemployment Problem Essay

The Unemployment Problem Essay

The Unemployment Problem

The Main Reason—

Unemployment results when there are more job seekers and less jobs. What are the reasons of its origin and growth ? Well, the major reason is our rapidly growing population. Since 1950 our population has grown two and a half times but our economic growth, which creates jobs, could not keep pace with it. Hence, unemployment, which was a problem even in 1950, has acquired gigantic proportions and requires some drastic measures otherwise it may go out of hand.

The Nature of the Problem—

As unemployment is directly linked to population growth, its in depth analysis may indicate the nature of the problem as well as help in identifying the measures needed to deal with it.

When we look at the pattern of population growth we find that it is growing faster in the rural areas resulting in (a) bigger landless families forcing migration towards town for employment mostly as unskilled workers, and (b) dividing land-holdings into unviable entities resulting in under¬employment of youth who need self-employment opportunities.

In the urban areas, though it is not growing that fast, unemployment results from defective educational planning. Our educational system is producing far more matriculates as well as graduates in sciences and humanities who have very little employment potential. Graduates in commerce and agriculture and information technology have better employment potential and there isn't much unemployment in this group.

Measures to Mitigate it—

In the light of the above, the following measures may go a long way in mitigating, if not eradicating, the problem.

For the rural sector a two pronged attack is required. Projects for infrastructure development leading to industrial development creating jobs for the unskilled workers coming from the landless families. And for the other group, as they would have some money to invest, efforts should be made to promote cottage and village industries.

For the youth of the urban areas, our educational system should be reorganised so as to provide better employable youth. This would need creating more and better opportunities for technical and vocational education.

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