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Science in Our Daily Life Essay

Science in Our Daily Life Essay

Science in Our Daily Life


The first revolution in human life came when man discovered fire and the second one when he discovered the wheel. These two became the forerunners of all the later developments in science and technology.

The Boon—

The impact of science and technology is palpable in all walks of our lives. We have our T.V., radio and music system; our newspapers and magazines. We don't have to go to work on a bicycle as we have our scooter, motorbike or car.

The housewife has tap-water and does not suffer the conventional `Chulha' and its smoke. She has her gas stove, electric cooking-range and microwave oven. She also has her washing machine and electric iron.

Out in the fields, the farmer has his tractor, harvester and thresher to save his labour and time. He has chemical fertilizers and pesticides along with pumps to get bumper yields.

While going places, we don't have to depend on the bullock-cart or horse-carriage as we have buses, trains and even aeroplanes. They make the space shrink and save a lot of our time apart from making our journeys comfortable.

And when, as patients, we go to a doctor, he does not have to depend on his guess but gets a lot of tests conducted in order to diagnose our illness and give us proper treatment. And advances in surgery are really amazing. Surgeons now perform open heart bypass and even kidney transplants.

The Bane—

But we also have the rifles and guns to fire shells and even atom bombs capable of wiping out civilisation from the surface of the earth. What more ! Now, you don't have to carry these bombs in aeroplanes to drop them on enemy towns but use inter-continental ballistic missiles, based on rocket technology to carry them.


Thus advances in science and technology are neither a boon nor a bane; neither a bliss nor a curse. It depends on how we use them—positively or negatively.

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