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Role of Computers in School Education Essay

Role of Computers in School Education Essay

Role of Computers in School Education


Science is one of the greatest blessings in modern life. Scientific advancement has led to many important inventions. One of them is computer. Before about 10 years, it was seen as a wonder machine. The computer today plays a significant role in everybody's life.

The Uses—

Now computers are used practically everywhere. Today computers do much more than simply compute. Super market scanners calculate our grocery bill while keeping store inventory. Computerised telephone switching centres play traffic cop to millions of calls and keeps lines of communication untangled, and Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) let us conduct banking transactions from virtually everywhere in the world. The extensive use of computers in all fields of business has improved the efficiency of the industry and the economy of the country.

What can Computers do ?—

Computers have the capacity to do extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can be effectively used in solving the most difficult and complex mathematical problems. The other use of the computers can be in compilation of information. They can provide information to prevent traffic accidents. Automation of work through computer has saved the time and energy of human life. Thus human beings get more leisure than before. This wonderful machine has come closer to us as the Personal Computer (PC) and entered the household scene.

What are Computers ?—

A computer is a machine. It can help man in any physical action. It can be used in progressing a physical work but it cannot think independently. We have to feed it before taking any mental working. It is called programming. We can find the answers based on and limited to the data provided to it as an input. We cannot find an answer from a vacuum. There is no independent feeling and thinking.

Other Uses—

In the Armed Forces computers are being widely used for collecting complex data for the aircrafts, missiles and guns. They are also being used in mass communication and medical science. They are helpful to police also. In sports too computers do a lot of work. Computer now has become a need of the day, in modern life.


No doubt computers are capable of doing everything, but it is falling short of thinking. This is still only reserved for man. It cannot compete man though they have overcome him in many ways.

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