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Importance of Games and Sports Essay

Importance of Games and Sports Essay

Importance of Games and Sports


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' goes the saying. Development of the body is as important as that of the mind. Games and sports help in the development of the physique and mind of the student. They are food for the body, as knowledge is food for the mind. If health is wealth, games and sports are the means to get it. They keep us active and make us smart.

Physical and Mental Education—

Gandhiji said, "Physical training should have as much place in curriculum as mental training : Mere bookish knowledge would not lead to proper development of a personality. Similarly mere sports won't do. The two should be blended in suitable proportion so that the students can have the best of them.

Good for Health—

Games and sports are good for health. They refresh the mind and fill the body with fresh air. They keep us free from diseases and provide fresh oxygen. They make us more active.

Develop Sportsmanship—

Games and sports develop the spirit of sportsmanship. It means fair play and no partiality. The players play with team spirit. Thus they learn the need of co-operation for success. With this quality, they prove to be good citizens in life. They develop a feeling of community life and self sacrificing nature.

Inculcate Discipline—

Games and sports develop a sense of discipline among students. A disciplined team wins the game. The players abide by the rules of the games and the judgement of the referee. This teaches them the importance of rules in life. Therefore, sports persons are generally found to be more disciplined than others.

Good Means of Recreation—

Games and sports are good means of recreation. They remove life's dullness and refresh the body as well as mind. We play games on feeling bored. Games help to regain our lost energy and work with greater interest.

Develop Leadership Quality—

Games and sports inspire the quality of leadership. Students are the rulers of the future, so it is very essential for them to have the quality of leadership. Hence sports should not be neglected Every student should take part in games and sports.

International Appeal—

Games are beneficial not only to players, they are equally beneficial to the public when a match is being played, spectators also enjoy it. In a way they take active part in it. Besides enjoying the game they learn many things from it. Radio and T. V. have increased the interest of people in games.


Games and sports are therefore very important. The foundation for a virtuous life is laid in school. If at an early age a student develops the taste for studies and sports in a proper way, he can become an ideal citizen. A student learns many things from sports like discipline, sportsman spirit, mental outlook and sense of humour. All these are important traits of a successful life. A student who takes parts in games and sports while studying seriously would become an ideal personality.

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