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2033 Navratri Pooja Date and Time, 2033 Navratri Calendar

2033 Navratri Pooja Date and Time, 2033 Navratri Calendar2033 Navratri Pooja Date and Time, 2033 Navratri Calendar

About Navratri :
Navratri is Hindus famous festival celebrated with great joy and reverence. This festival is observed according to the Hindu calendar called ‘Ashvin’ and falls mostly in the month of September or October. Navratri festival is celebrated to worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga, the Hindu Goddess of Power. This festival is celebrated for 9 nights and 10 days. The last day of this festival is celebrated as ‘Vijaya Dashmi’ or ‘Dussehra’, the day when lord ‘Rama’ won over ‘Ravana’ according to Ramayana. Many devotees fast for entire nine days during the festival.

Here is the Date of Navaratri Pooja 2033 :

Name of Festivals Days Date of Festivals
Pratipada (Navratri Day 1) Saturday 24 September 2033
Dwitiya (Navratri Day 2) Sunday 25 September 2033
Tritiya (Navratri Day 3) Monday 26 September 2033
Chaturthi (Navratri Day 4) Tuesday 27 September 2033
Panchami (Navratri Day 5) Wednesday & Thursday 28 & 29 September 2033
Sasthi (Navratri Day 6) Friday 30 September 2033
Saptami (Navratri Day 7) Saturday 1 October 2033
Ashtami (Navratri Day 8) Sunday 2 October 2033
Navami (Navratri Day 9) Monday 3 October 2033
Dashami (Navratri Day 10) Tuesday 4 October 2033

This festival time is considered to be the happiest time for all the people. During these nine days, we worship Goddess Durga and her other idols. In Bengal, huge pandals are made which are decorated and people visit these ceremonial pandals to worship Goddess Durga. 

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