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2020 Bipattarini Puja Date & Time, Bipodtarini Pooja 2020 Date & Time in India

Bipattarini Puja 2020 date & time in india, Bipodtarini Puja 2020 date & time in india, বিপত্তারিণী পূজা ২০২০ তারিখ এবং সময়। बिपदतारिणी पूजा 2020 तारीख और समय। 

About Bipattarini Puja : The puja of Bipodtarini - a vrata performed by women - is followed or preceded by the telling of the legend of the goddess. The legend is set in Vishnupur or Bishnupur (in the present West Bengal), the seat of the Mallabhum kingdom from 7th century AD to 19th century during the period of Malla kings. The queen had a friend belonging to a low caste called Muci, who ate beef. The queen was horrified to learn this, out of curiosity the queen wanted to see the meat. One day, the queen asked her friend to show it to her.
Here is the date of Bipattarini Puja 2020 :
Name of FestivalsDaysDate of Festivals
Bipattarini PujaSaturday27 June 2020
বিপত্তারিণী পূজাশনিবার১২ আষাঢ় ১৪২৭
Bipattarini PujaTuesday30 June 2020
বিপত্তারিণী পূজামঙ্গলবার১৫ আষাঢ় ১৪২৭

The girl initially refused, fearing the wrath of the pious Hindu king, however later she complied with the queen's request. However, the queen got betrayed and the furious king rushed to kill her. The queen hid the meat in her clothes and prayed to goddess Durga for help. Subsequently when the king tore her clothes to find what was hidden beneath them, all he could find there was a red jaba flower (hibiscus). Even today the goddess's puja remains part of women’s rites and is performed for the goddess' intervention during a family crisis.

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