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2018 Rath Yatra Date & Time in India, 2018 रथ यात्रा तारीख व समय

2018 Rath Yatra Date & Time in India, रथ यात्रा 2018 तारीख व समय2018 Rath Yatra Date & Time in India., 2018 रथ यात्रा  तारीख व समय, ২০১৮ রথযাত্রা তারিখ ও সময়

We Design some wallpapers of rath yatra in Hindi & Bengali language. See here for Rath Yatra 2018 Hindi Wallpapers & also See here for Rath Yatra 2018 Bengali Wallpaprs.

About Rath Yatra : Rath Yatra is a festival that involves moving deities Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshana on a chariot (called a ratha or rotho). In Sanskrit, Ratha means "chariot", and Yatra means "journey"; the festival usually involves an annual procession (journey) of a deity's idols. Other names for the festival include ratha jatra or chariot festival.
[source: wikipedia]

Here is the date of Ratha Yatra 2018 :

Name of Festivals Day Date of Festivals
Rath Yatra Saturday 14 July 2018

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